How to Remove Lamp Shade Reducer Ring

A lampshade reducer ring is a thin band that you can attach to the top of your lampshade. This allows it to fit inside of a light fixture with an outer diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the lampshade.

Using this accessory will help ensure that your new or used lamp shade fits well in your room’s lighting fixtures, which will make it easier for you to enjoy its features and beauty. If you’re not sure how much this accessory costs, then read on!

How to Remove Lamp Shade Reducer Ring

We’ll tell you everything about these valuable items so that you can get all of the information before making up your mind. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to remove lamp shade reducer ring with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How to Remove Lamp Shade Reducer Ring

Step One: Determine

First, you will need to determine if the lampshade is dimmable or not. Do this by feeling if there are ridges on top of the metal, usually silver ridged rim surrounding the top of the lampshade. If they are there, you cannot remove them with a standard screwdriver like most other lampshades.

Then, if the ridges are there, you will need to determine if your lampshade is plastic or metal. If it is metal, you can use a screwdriver with a socket on end to remove the reducer ring. If it’s plastic, you can use a hairdryer to heat the reducer ring to be easier to remove.

Step Two: Remove the Ring

Once you have determined that your lampshade is dimmable, that it is metal, and are using a screwdriver with a socket on end, you can begin removing the reducer ring. First, take off the lampshade cover by loosening the screw on the top of the shade.

Then, begin at one edge and insert a flathead screwdriver into the groove in the rim of the lampshade, and angle it upwards towards you. Do this along all of the ridges until you get to the top. Then, once you have loosened the metal around the entire ring watch, it falls away from you and lets the watch hit the ground without catching it.

Step Three: Cleaning up

Now that you have removed the ring from your lampshade, now you have to clean off the top of it. If there is any residue or adhesive left on the lampshade from where it was stuck down, you will need to remove it. To do this, use a hairdryer and warm it up well.

Removing the Ring From Lampshade

Then, take some rubbing alcohol, put it on a paper towel or cotton swab, and begin removing the adhesive left after removing the ring from your lampshade. Once the adhesive is gone, and your lampshade is clean, you can put it back on and adjust it to your preferred height.

Step Four: Disposal

When you are finished with the ring, you can throw it away in the garbage without worrying that anyone will be able to use it. If you attempted this on a lampshade that was plastic and is ruined, do not worry! There is nothing wrong with your lamp or shade; it is just the wrong kind of shade.

You can also use this method to remove the ring from lampshades, but it is not recommended unless you have an unwanted metal one. It would be much easier to buy a plastic reducer ring and attach it in the place of the metal one.

Step Five: Reminders

Do not attempt to take off the ring on your lampshade if you do not know-how. This is for metal lamp shades only, and plastic ones will be ruined with this method. If you cannot unscrew something or pull it apart, don’t try it! You can get hurt easily doing things like this instead of just buying a new lampshade.

If you have a metal lampshade with ridges and you know how to use a screwdriver, you can use this method. If you have any questions on how to remove lamp shade reducer rings, feel free to contact me through my Tumblr blog, and I will try and answer them as soon as possible!

Step Six: Maintain

Once you have removed the ring, make sure to clean off the top of it with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or cotton swab after every time you remove it. This will ensure that your lampshade never looks dirty and therefore never need replacing when you take it down to use in other lamps!

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Take It Down to Use in Other Lamps

If you want, wait until the next time you want to take down the shade and clean it off, then put it back up. However, if you know that you are done with your lampshade for a while, but will still need it in the future, make sure to store it safely so that it is not ruined by being bent or damaged when you try to reassemble it in the future.

Step Seven: Final Step

Finally, once you have your lampshade out of the way, stand up slowly and walk over to your light switch. Turn it off slowly, making sure not to bump into anything or drop something while doing so. Once your light is off, make sure that no one has come back in by quietly opening the door and looking outside of your door.

If you see no one, it is safe to go back into the room and shut the door behind you until the next time you need light. You can then get back into your bed or go back to whatever you were doing before getting your lampshade down!


A lampshade reducer ring is a metal band that connects the bottom of an upholstered, pleated, or bell-shaped lampshade to its stem. To remove the reducer ring from your fixture, you will need to unscrew it by hand using a screwdriver with a Phillips head blade on one side and a flathead blade for leverage on the other.

Ensure not to over-tighten as this can cause damage to your fixture’s threads and could break them off entirely if they are old enough. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to remove lamp shade reducer ring.

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