How to Make Coin Hole Boards


Coin hole board games are much fun to play, and you can enjoy this game whit all the family members, this game depends on both the luck and accuracy of the player. And having a DIY coin hole board is much of an excitement for the players. For this reason, today we are going to suggest you the best possible technique of making coin hole boards, which will be beneficial for beginners to learn and improve their DIY skills.

How to Make Coin Hole Boards


For the whole process, you will need quite a several elements. First, you need top-quality boards that we prefer to maple became they are much sturdy, and you will need a table saw to shape the board. You will also need drilling equipment for making cutting the hole in the board. Next, you will require sandpaper, which will be used to make the surface and edges even, lastly, you can use any color to make the board fancier.


For this process at first, we will need boards, these boards should be high-quality wood, and we prefer that the best maple wood be used for the entire process. The maple woods are much more natural to cut, and the sturdiness of this wood is much higher compared to other boards available in the market. Then you have to shape the wood, and for this step, we prefer to use the table saw.

Because the table saw remains attached to the base, you will have a good grip on the boards while shaping them. The board is cut into a rectangular shape for better usage purposes. Next, you have to use a drill machine and adjust the measurement of the drill machine. Generally, we take the diameter of the automated drill slightly more significant than the coin diameter. Using the drill machine, you have to make a hole in the center of the coin. To drill the hole with the right angle, you need to be careful. The accurate measurement will give you the best result.

How to Make Coin Hole Boards

In order to make the hole for the coin, we will first drill a hole in the wood. Next, we will use a machine to route the board. This will make the board inclined, and we will attach four pieces of wood to the corners of the board. The bottom two corners should remain the same size, and the top two corners will be slightly higher than the bottom part.

After routing the board, we will take sandpaper, polish the edges, and the boards’ surface. We should be much careful about this because there should not remain any more extension or our growth of the wood available on the board. Lastly, we will take any suitable color and paint the board. You can also use hand-made designs to amok the board more attractive and fancy. Thus DIY coin hole boards can be prepared.


In conclusion, we hope that our step-by-step explanation of how to make coin hole boards has been beneficial to you. This will allow you to learn the technique much more comfortably, and the outcome of the process will also be much laudable. Especially beginners can be immensely benefitted by this technique. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!! Sharing is caring!

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