How To Make Doll Clothes Without Sewing

If you have kids at your home, perhaps your sibling or your daughter, you will see them playing with dolls a lot. Or maybe you are a doll hoarder yourself. Whatever is the case, you will want to make some clothes for the dolls. If you think it is not possible without having any knowledge of sewing, you are wrong. We will show you how to make doll clothes without sewing.

DIY: How to Make Doll Clothes Without Sewing

There are various ways you can create clothing for your dolls. As for how to make doll clothes without sewing, we will tell you a few ways of clothes you can make. 

A Sleeveless Dress 

The first one of how to make doll clothes without sewing is a sleeveless dress. For that, you need long fabric. The measurement depends on how big your doll is. 

After that, fold the fabric in half and fold the half into another half again. 

Cut the outer side of the fabric at a 45-degree angle. 

Now make a small cut at the top of the fabric to create a hole.

Put the doll inside the fabric with the hole. Tie a belt around the hip, and you are done making a sleeveless dress.

A Skirt

Now, using the same technique, you can make a skirt. And you can even add a top with the skirt.

To make the top, you can simply take a piece of fabric and tie it around the bust of the doll. Make a little bow behind, and you are done.

A Simple Frock

Another way of making a dress is by making the same round shape of fabric a fold it in half.

Now at the top, measure each shoulder length and cut a neck in between. After that, cut the side of the shoulder a little. Put the dress on your doll while putting the hands through the sleeve holes. And you are done learning how to make doll clothes without sewing.

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