How to Make Ear Plugs With Toilet Paper


Earplugs are typically soft, disposable, or shapeable inserts that you put into your ear canals to block out sounds. The most common use for them is to keep water and other foreign materials from getting into the ears while swimming (see more about this here ), but many people also use them at work, in concerts, at night clubs and any other place where they want their peace of mind.

How to Make Ear Plugs With Toilet Paper

Earplugs have been around since ancient times – Egyptians wore papyrus reeds stuffed with resin for protection against the loud noises of the Nile riverboat traffic; Romans used animal hairs wrapped in leather to reduce noise pollution; many medieval masons used stone tiles as ear protectors – but today we hardly know what life without them would be like. In this article, I will discuss how to make ear plugs with toilet paper.

What Are the Advantages of Earplugs?  

One undeniable benefit is that they keep water from your ears, so you don’t get infections – especially when swimming in unclean waters. Earplugs also reduce noise, which may help you sleep better and relax more. And it’s not hard to imagine how important this ability must have been in historical times when people rarely had access to good noise protection (imagine how annoyed you’d often be with your neighbor if he were honking at his car all day long).

Swimming in Unclean Waters

But there’s also an interesting psychological benefit. 

You see, one of the world’s most common fears is related to having something in our ears. And that’s understandable. I mean, we put so much trust in our senses – and by using them every day, we’ve developed a sense that they’re reliable when it comes to letting us know about the world around us (if you listen closely enough, you can hear the cars driving by!).

But if something suddenly gets stuck in your ear, then it creates a sense of uncertainty and unfamiliarity with what was once familiar to you. It tells you that even though everything else seems normal on the outside – this object is right up against your eardrum!

Gets Stuck in Your Ear

Stepwise Guide on How to Make Ear Plugs With Toilet Paper:

Making earplugs is a great way to keep your ears warm in the cold season! You can make them with just toilet paper, and they’ll be really cheap! Plus, they’re great for sleeping as they’re much softer than regular earplugs.

​​1- First, cut about 4 sheets of toilet paper. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend using uncoated toilet paper (the ones that look like white tissue). This one does not itch at all. Alternatively, if you do not have this kind of toilet paper, then use 2 or 3 sheets of regular yellowish that we use every day here in Norway. It tends to get fluffy when wet, so be careful not to pack them too tight.

2- Place the toilet paper under running water for a few seconds. Ensure that it is wet but not too wet, as leaving it too long will cause the paper to become soft and start to dissolve.

Put the Toilet Paper Under Tap Water

3- Roll them into little balls and pack them lightly between your palms to form a small tight plug that you can insert inside your ear canal. The more you squeeze, the tighter they will be on your eardrum when inserted (the better isolation). If you are making them for kids, make sure to put only 1 or 2 sheets of tissue because we do not want these getting stuck inside their ears! This design has been tested before by our kids without any problem at all, so there is no need to worry.

4- To make an earplug that is more stable, so it does not fall out very easily, try packing 2 toilet paper sheets together and then rolling them into a little ball about the size of your fingertip.  This design will stay in your ear pretty well, from my experience. You can also add some lint to keep it from falling out so easily. Remember, though, that this type will be a bit more uncomfortable than the ones we have made before as they are a little harsher on your ears (but if you do not have sensitive skin, there shouldn’t be any problem at all).

Important Tips:

Earplugs made of toilet paper are very safe and can be used with any age of people. They are completely harmless when you make them in the right way. These earplugs are totally eco-friendly, and they do not harm the environment in any way.

Toilet Paper Are Very Safe

It is one of the best options for your household and school and college-going children to avoid environmental noises or disturbances. However, it would help if you took the necessary precautions while making toilet paper earplugs:

You should only wear toilet paper earplugs when you want to block out noise. Wearing them all the time can actually make your ears hurt more. It’s a good idea to take a break from using them after wearing them for a while.

Toilet paper earplugs are made of soft material, and they cannot protect you from high decibel noise or sudden noises which might harm your ears. It is, therefore, better to avoid them if you are around loud noise for a long time, such as if you sit near a loudspeaker, in front of an orchestra seat, or any other place where there is loud music for more than half an hour continuously. Instead, use cotton wool balls in this case. 

Important Tips for Earplugs

Earplugs can be irritating at times as after wearing them, one feels something inside the head, and it sometimes gives pain. Your eardrum may also feel some pressure if you wear it for a longer time so use these only when needed, not regularly.

Toilet paper earplugs may be ideal for you if you find that plastic or Styrofoam earplugs cause pain in your ears after using them during the day.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to make ear plugs with toilet paper. Thank you and have a nice day!

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