How to Make Fake Lollipop Decorations

There are many different ways to celebrate Easter, but one of the most popular is with candy! Whether you’re looking for a cute decoration or want to make some delicious treats, this article will give you all of the tips and tricks that you need.

From easy ideas like paper lollipops and chocolate eggs to more time-consuming projects like these giant lollipop pops, we’ve got it all covered. So stick with us till the end and know how to make fake lollipop decorations right from your home!

How To Make Fake Lollipop Decorations

Thing’s You’ll Need

  • Craft glue
  • Paper (white or colored)
  • Empty cereal box, paper bag, etc.
  • Paper platePopsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons, pens, or pencils (optional)
  • Water.

Follow These Steps

Step One

Cut out circles from the sheet of white or colored paper that is about twice as big as you want them on the end product. You can either roll them or simply lay them down.

Step Two

Take a small bowl and fill it with glue, then take your paper circles and dip the edges in the glue-filled bowl (just like you would if you were dipping lollipops).

Step Three

Put the glued side on top of another circle that has already been dipped in a previous step. Make sure to keep an inch or two distance between each lollipop for easier drying time. Making too many at once will result in having some overlap which looks messy when dry!

Step Four

Continue dipping and stacking in this manner until you have used up all your circles. Put them somewhere safe to dry overnight! The next day, they’ll be ready for the candy coating of your choice (chocolate or any other sweet!)

Tips & Tricks

You can use a variety of different sizes when making these decorations, depending on what size lollipops will work best with the occasion/party you are decorating for. These fake lollipop decorations also make great wedding favors- just add some ribbon and attach it with a card that says “Thank You” on the front!

Fake Lollipop Decoration Ideas

Frozen Fake Lollipops

With these, you will need to find a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half. You then take the bottom half of the ball and twist your lollipop stick right into it like an ice cream pop. Next, wrap styrofoam pieces around the top part of the lollipop to give it a frosted look.

Frozen Fake Lollipops

Construction Paper Lollipops

These are really easy and you can make as many colors or patterns that you want. All you need is a circle of construction paper; wrap your lollipop stick in tape around the edges so it doesn’t unravel, then slide right into the center of your paper circle.

Tissue Paper Lollipops

You will need some tissue paper that comes on rolls at crafts stores and a hole puncher with various sized holes for circles and hearts. Cut out shapes from the tissue papers like snowflakes, flowers, leaves, etc., punch them through any shape hole (we suggest using different sizes), thread each one onto thin wire cut about two feet in length, and cover with a lollipop stick.

Paper Roll Lollipops

Cut open one end of your paper roll, slip it over the lollipop sticks, then start wrapping on your way down to create a swirl effect and decorate as desired.

Tin Foil Lollipops

You will need some tin foil which you can buy at most dollar stores or grocery stores for about $0.50 per sheet and scissors (optional). Have kids cut different shapes from the tin foil, then wrap around their fingers to make rings that will fit onto the top of their lollipops. Now they have an adorable ring made of candy!

Frequently Asked Question

What’s Your Favorite Decoration of a Lollipop? 

Lace and Ribbons: This is a great way to make lollipop decorations look like they’re professionally done. Wrap the lace around the sucker stick in different ways, starting from one end of the wrapper until it reaches halfway on the other side. Tie some ribbon at both ends for an easy finish!

Which Color Do You Prefer for Decoration? 

I would prefer white & Pink. Here’s Why:


The white lollies can be used for a variety of occasions, especially weddings. Wrap the sucker in lace before you dip it into melted chocolate and then leave to set.


These are perfect for any party celebration with children or adults alike! Just wrap some ribbon around them as we mentioned above, and voila! Now You have a lollipop decoration for any occasion!

Have You Ever Decorated Your House for the Holidays Before? If So, How Did You Make Your Lollipop Decorations?

There are many different ways you can create these adorable paper Lollipop Decorations! One way is by finding a template that you like and printing it out, then cutting the template to make many identical shapes.

Another way is by tracing a lollipop onto some cardboard or thin sheet metal for an even more three-dimensional look! You can follow our guidelines on how to make fake lollipop decorations without spending any money on templates.


If you’re in need of a sweet treat to share with family and friends this holiday season, lollipops are the perfect option. But if you don’t want an entire bowl full of sugary sweets on your coffee table or countertop, try these quick and easy DIY ideas on how to make fake lollipop decorations instead!

Lace is one material that can be used as well as ribbons to make beautiful bows around each individual sucker. You could even use faux flowers like roses or carnations from craft stores to dress up the pops too! Whatever you do, just have fun doing it, and remember not all gifts need to come wrapped in paper and ribbon.

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