How to Make Fake Muscles for a Costume

Cosplay is one of the interesting things that most people love to do. You might be the one who also loves this cosplay and want to look like your favorite hero. But none of the superheroes do have fat or skinny body. They have their strong muscle that makes them look attractive. Don’t worry; you won’t have to perform any hard workout or wait for months for your upcoming cosplay. You can make some fake muscles and use them to acquire a hulk-like body. Do you want to learn how to make fake muscles for a costume? Let’s show you the exact ways.

How to Make Fake Muscles for a Costume

I am not going to show you just any muscle suit, not a bulky or goofy looking muscle suit but a realistic and believable muscle suit. It will be comfortable and can be worn under any costume. In this process, what we are going to do is, cut out 44 individual muscle shapes in half-inch foam. Then sandwich them between two spandex body. Okay, now let’s dive into the steps.

How to Make Fake Muscles for a Costume

Step 1

In this step, you have to transfer the pattern onto the foam. As I have said, we are going to cut out 44 different muscle shape, so all you have to is just trace around them with a sharpie and flip it over, trace them again, then cut them out. Once you have cut out all 44 body parts, you have to move to the next step.

Step 2

For this step, you just need to do is layout your spandex bodysuit on a nice flat surface, and we are going to mark a centerline for where the zipper is going to go. So, put a ruler right from the center of the top of the neckline down to the center of the crotch. In this case, I am using a 22-inch zipper, so I am going to mark this 18 inch long. Do the exact thing with the other bodysuit.

Step 3

Now stitch both of the spandex bodysuits together. Start stitching them around the neck. Once you complete that, stitch the zipper with the suits. After stitching the zipper, you have now closed the rest of the costume.


Step 4

Once you got the bodysuit ready, wear it off and mark the places where you are going to install the body pieces. After marking the places, rip the outside seam and then install the body pieces into it. Then stitch them off so that they remain in an accurate place. Check if they are installed and stitched properly or not. If everything is okay, your very own muscle suit is now ready to use.

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