How to Make Fake Snowballs

Christmas is knocking at the door. So, you should pre-set everything earlier so that nothing goes wrong at the time of Christmas. You should start making a checklist from now. So, what are you gonna need? Wait a minute, aren’t you going to need the snowballs? They are obviously needed to make some wonderful designs so that your Christmas tree looks great. But that can’t be done with the ice made snowballs; they will meltdown. What to do then? Don’t worry; I have got your back. I have got some simple techniques to make fake snowballs, and they will last relatively longer. So, let’s see how to make fake snowballs step by step.

If you make some fake snowballs, you will also be able to use them after the end of Christmas. They are also a good item for using different types of DIY decorative items. So, for both purposes, fake snowballs have great usabilities. Believe they aren’t hard. You can simply make them within a couple of minutes and with a little amount of concentration. Okay, we have talked much, now let’s see how it is done.

How to Make Fake Snowballs

For this project, we are going to need some Styrofoam balls. You can get them easily from the book store and stationery stores. We will need some glue, a brush, and Epsom salt. You can also use regular salt for this project. In order to make the balls glazy, you are also going to need white glitter powder. And lastly, some sticks to hold the balls. Okay, if you have gathered all these things, let’s get started.

Step 1

First of all, use the stick to hold the ball. Then, using a brush, start covering the ball with glue. While you are doing this, you have to make sure to cover all the areas.

Step 2

Once you complete that, dip the ball in the salt immediately. Make sure that the entire ball is filled with salt. When you will do that, you will look quite like a snowball.

Step 3

Now, it is time to sprinkle the glitter powder on the snowball. It will make them look more realistic. Create the snowballs in different sizes so that you can make the appearance more interesting. Once you do that, your snowballs are ready.

Put the snowballs in a container and leave it overnight to make sure the glue dries properly. It will ensure that the salt and glitters don’t fall off.

The next day, you can remove the snowballs from the sticks. That’s it; your fake snowballs are ready to use now.

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