How to Carve a Fake Pumpkin


Halloween is one of the most exciting occasions for people living in the USA. Not only is the elders this occasion much appreciated by the children too. Wearing fancy dresses and getting treats from door-knocking and getting scared by the ambiance is quite astonishing. Curving the pumpkin is quite an artistic way to celebrate Halloween. For this reason today, we will be explaining the whole process of how to carve a fake pumpkin.

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Certain mannerisms should be strictly followed while performing the task, and we will provide a total in-depth technique to make the job much fruitful for the beginners. The first thing that you should select is the type of pumpkin that you want to carve. There are many types of pumpkins available, some of them are more in length, and some of them excel in girth. So make your choice rigid about the kind of pumpkin.

Then you have to decide the aspect that you want to carve on the pumpkin. Many artifacts can be portrayed in the pumpkin. You can use pictures or family photos, but the most common one is the scary pumpkin that we have already seen in the movies and cartons throughout our lives. Then you have to select the picture and use Photoshop to make the image fit into the size of your pumpkin.

Now you have to tune the image into greyscale and then print out the picture. Then you have to check the picture placing on the pumpkin. Now you have to cut a hole on the upper side of the pumpkin and carve out the pumpkin’s inner fruit. Thus the pumpkin will become hollow, and then you have to attach the photo to the pumpkin and use a knife to carve the picture. You have to take a sharp and flexible knife and start from the white part of the picture.

Then gradually, you have to carve the grey part of the picture and proceed towards the darker portion. In this manner, you will be able to mark the whole picture on the pumpkin, and then you can take out the unnecessary part of the image attached to the pumpkin. Then you have to install the lights inside the pumpkin and hang it with a wire. In this manner, the whole process can be conducted, and Halloween will be much enjoyable.

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task

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Using the Knife

The essential aspect while carving the pumpkin is the use of the knife. And the person who uses the blade should be much aware because it is a sharp object, and any mishap can turn into a real disaster. Total safety should be maintained while carving the pumpkin, and it is better to wear safety gloves while performing the task.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we would like to infer that the process that we have discussed on the carving of an empty pumpkin will be beneficial for the beginner, and this will improve their skill of carving on Halloween. You can also use these techniques to cut other vegetables. We hope this information will be much helpful to you. Happy carving! Best of luck!!

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