How to Make Flowers Out of Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is light, durable, and heat tolerant. It has a glowing, silvery elegance, whether finished to a shiny or creased to a faded look. Thirty craftsmen benefit from such attributes to create accessories, household products, and much more. In recycled aluminum, you do not require anything to get off can be crafted. You’ll want a set of useful art scissors.

You would like a sharp-pointed knife for preparing too. As aluminum cutting corners are thin, you must have a bunch of protective gear — planting gloves are likely to operate. You would also need a sanding board and sandpaper so that the sides will be smooth. Metal containers may be found in gardening designs of all sorts. So far, as you have a little talent, the options are limitless.

Cans may be very functional, from garden ornamentations to potted flower plants. While cutting the cans wearing safety protection. You’ll cut soda bottles for this idea, and many others described in this post, and make them into beautiful home decorations. However, when the sharp corners of the handle wound you, those flower decorations will harm. Because of that, while cutting cans, it is essential to wear durable work gloves. You’ll need big-soled shoes too.

How To Make Flowers Out Of Aluminum Cans


Method 1:

Pick those unused cans of soda. Try utilizing numerous forms of soda materials to make the metallic plants quite flexible and colorful. Worked with that same containers will appear almost as useful in a pinch, though.

Take out the tins. To create vertical cutouts along the end of the can, choose a box cutter (also recognized as a specialty cutter)—a place between each split, approximately three-fourths of an inch. Take the slits across the can all the way and be careful to remove each cut gap.

Cans squash. Wearing thick-soled shoes (work boots fit fine), squishing back most of a can to the floor. Doing so, the slits you’ve created into flower petals would grow. You could finish up with a can that appears crushed.

Adhesive a wreath to the ‘flower petals.’ Your ornament could be a wireframe or a real wreath bought from a decorating shop. The metallic flowers are stuck to the wreath using a hot glue device.

If you’re not using a wreath at the dollar shop, try buying a pool noodle. Buckle it, so it makes a loop, and then bind with duct tape on the opposite edges. To cover the duct tape or trifold it, tie a cord across the part of the pool noodle.

Method 2:

Combine unused aluminum containers. With their lids off, those might be food containers. It’s up to you to measure the box. Only have to wear durable protection for the job since these containers appear to be quite sharp.

Split out the tins. Using aviation scissors to do longitudinal cutouts on the can edge. Begin out on the opened rim and cut down the container to the foundation. Steps were repeated around all the can all the far.

 Put 1.5 inches between every break. Cut the ‘petals’ sides. Trip the edges of each sheet steel using the aviation scissors until they are rounded petal-like. Use precaution again, as those containers are fragile. Buckle the petals out and make the plant appear as it should.

Remember the ‘flowers’ design.  Try adding garden walking sticks to the trees. It would help if you tied it to a gardening stick, to bring the height a base. Smash two holes in the middle of the plant, and go through the gaps with a little string. Lace the wire across the cane of the plantation and fasten it to the cane back.

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