How to Make Lightweight Concrete Sculpture


Making concrete based sculptures are easy, but for making lightweight concrete based sculpture certain features. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique for making lightweight concrete sculptures. We will chronologically discuss the process of making the concrete and the sculpture. The process is discussed below with a proper explanation.


The first step of this method is to prepare lightweight concrete. This will beused as the primary fuel of the sculpture. For this method, you’ll require a few buckets and a blender. It is superior to blend the materials in an enormous bowl or a cart. We propose to utilize a cart since this will be much helpful for the carrying of your concrete to the required place.

You’ll require a critical measured spatula or scoop to mix the concrete. At that point, you may need a few magma rocks, a few grains of sand, and Portland cement for this handle. And to extend the quality of the concrete, you ought to utilize glass chips. After you’ve got overseen all these, you should begin working. You’ve got to require a big bowl and after that, pour the total in it. There’s continuously a specified rule for blending the accommodations.

The proportion and the sum ought to always be kept up for the better result of the concrete. To begin with, you’ve got to pour the Portland cement. This ought to be run one portion for the blend. Another, you have got to pour the magma shake. The magma shake ought to be blended three times the sum of the Portland cement.

When the Portland cement and the magma shake are mixed, you’ll be able to pour sand in them. The aggregate of sand ought to be twofold the sum of Portland cement. And in conclusion, the glass fiber. There’s no particular amount guided for the glass fiber, but we lean toward merely utilizing the least amount of glass fiber than all the other totals. Once all of them are set within the bowl, you ought to begin blending the accommodations.

You ought to include water chronologically and proceed to mix the blend. After ceaseless blending, the mixture will shape a bump, which can show concrete properties. Presently you’ll be able to utilize the concrete for casting. The concrete arranged in this strategy has excellent compressive quality, and the weight of such concrete is ten times lighter than the standard weight concrete.

This concrete ought to be used for casting after twenty-five minutes of making. Once you have got the concrete prepared, you can use it to pour in the mold that you have made for the sculpture. And if the sculpture is not based on mold, you should increase the concrete’s settling time using admixture and then start making the sculpture. But you must wear gloves while making the concrete and follow all the rules while mixing the concrete.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we are optimistic that the process we have mentioned here will help you make lightweight, concrete-based sculptures. You should be well aware of the concrete’s settling time, and the amount of water should be added appropriately. Besides, the entire procedure should be followed, as we have stated. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a nice day.

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