How to Make Link’s Hat

Cosplaying can tend you to adopt several types of unique costumes; Link’s hat is one of them. For my recent cosplay, I was interested in wearing the link’s hat from Zelda. Today, I am going to show you how to make link’s hat in a super-easy way. I have got some of the easiest ways, and you’re gonna love this for sure. This will work for both young links and adult links, so what are we waiting for. Let’s dive in!

How to Make Link’s Hat

The first thing that I did in making the hat actually found the shirt that we are going to use so that I will go to the fabric shop and get a felt, which exactly matches this. So, I find some of them nearly precisely the same color, and we will use them to make our cap. Now, we have got the wig on, and now I calculate only where I would like the hat to go and how high it is. It’s about 22 inches long. So, taking 22 inches will be ideal, and I am going to fold it into half.

Now, I’m just taking a marker and kind of making it as I go. I am keeping an extra inch. After that, I am calculating where I want the hat to go downwards from the center of the user’s back. It’s about 21 inches tall. I just need to make a triangle that’s 21 inches tall and 22 inches from the bottom. I cut the triangle out with my scissor and then stitch them up. Once I completed the stitching, I unfolded it. That’s it; the link’s hat is ready to use.

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