How to Make Miniatures Figures?

Miniature figures are literally fun. It somehow represents the character inside you. You can easily buy one of the favorite characters from your nearest shops or online. But honestly, it is hard to find a miniature character that actually represents you. Maybe you are also one of them, and even after looking for your favorite character for hours, couldn’t find it. If that’s the case, why not built your own miniature characters? Sounds interesting, right? You can design it in your own way and express the boss monster that accurately suits your style. So, leave all your works for a while, and let’s see how to make miniatures figures.

Honestly, it isn’t as hard as you are thinking. I also felt as hesitation before my first attempt, but once I completed it, I am now confident enough to make thousands of them. I neither have any art training, nor I am a professional sculptor, but I made it out with a little effort. That’s why I would love to share my experience with you guys. With these simple tactics, your miniature character will be ready within no time. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

How to Make Miniatures Figures?

First of all, you have to arrange these materials. In fact, you can make your miniature figures by using different types of materials, but I have made it out in a less expensive way. You can use expensive Green Stuff if you want, but be careful when you are using them; otherwise, the sculpture can become a little bit brittle. However, gather the following materials for now.

How to Make Miniatures Figures

Super Sculpey

You can easily get super Sculpey and the firm variety to your nearest hobby shop at 20 bucks only. In my case, I have used a combination of both of these items. If you want to save some money, you can make the work done by using one of them too.

Look each of them has its own beneficial components and drawbacks. The regular kind is soft and sticky. This makes it ideal for making the thin parts or for adding clothes, pouches, and additional textures like that. But if you are going to use it for small scales, that can be a big problem. It is difficult to take them out smoothly. In this case, nothing is as ideal as the grey kind. Its rigid form is ideal for making the sharp and smooth edges. But the only problem with the grey kind is that they don’t stick very well, especially with the rest of your clay. Well, this is the reason for which I have used both of them.


I have used two different kinds of wire one is a steel wire with a 1mm diameter of thickness, and the other one is “twist tie” wire. You can easily find the twist tie wire in your house.

How to Make Miniatures Figures


Pilers are needed for making the arms and legs. These things are also useful when you are going to make the figure on the twist tie wire only.

Sculpting Tools

As you are going to make small sculptures, the regular sculpting tools may not be as helpful as needed. Many will suggest you use a dentistry tool, but I used a wood branch, a flattened-out paper clip, some epoxy, a needle, and made my own sculpting tool. You can also make yours accomplish the process more handily.

How to Make Miniatures Figures

Acrylic Paint and Paintbrushes

You have to color your sculpture to give it a realistic look, and of course, small paintbrushes are required for that.

A Flat Workspace and a Magnifying Glass

You are going to need enough space to make your sculpture. You can use your desk for that, and the magnifying glass will be useful for giving the figure the required detailing. Now follow these simple steps.

The Methods

Step 1

Pick up a small piece of Sculpey and start making it softer. Use something that has around 1-inch diameter and then roll the Sculpey until it becomes flatten. Now, cut off the excess clay and make the edges smoother.

Step 2

In this step, you have to make the armature. I begin it by cutting the thicker wire into a diameter of 3cm tall. It will be better if you cut it with 5cm or a bit longer. If needed, excessive points can be cut off. Once you have cut the wire, use the pliers to bend it and turn it into the shape of your sculpture’s body. You have to also make the legs and arms through this, so make sure to bend it in such a way.

Step 3

Now that you have got the shape and the Sculpey ready, you have to start sculpting. Start the process by putting some Sculpey at the bottom; it will hold the sculpture securely. Now, start adding clay to the shape. You can add the clothing, armors, or everything else according to the character. Once you have done that, add some colors to give it a realistic look. Don’t work in a hurry; it can ruin the entire sculpture. After coloring your sculpture, give it a final check before baking.

Step 4

It is time for baking. At first, preheat your oven at 130C or 275F. Then put the sculpture into the oven for 15 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on the plastic or metals because excessive heat can melt them down. In this case, it will be better if you keep the plastic pieces out when baking it. However, if you have completed baking, make it cool for another 15 minutes. Your DIY miniature figure will be ready then.


I have covered the easiest way to make the miniature figures at home. As I have said, there are many ways (expensive ways) to make these figures. If you got some suggestions or something more unique to make these figures, let me know. But hopefully, none of you has to ask how to make miniatures figures again.

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