Wearing earrings is always a trend for women. These earrings must match their attires, and that is what makes them look more beautiful. The current trend expresses a considerable display of designer earrings that suits the dressing of the women. And in this case, wearing something that will blend both the native and the ongoing fashion will be useful.

For this reason today we are going to suggest the process of how to make Native American beaded earrings which will be much suitable for you to wear with any dress. These earrings are much easy to make, and you can easily apply this technique while residing inside your home. It is a DIY project to utilize your merit.


For this process, you will need several elements that will make the process easier to complete. The first thing that you need is beads. You can take the same color beads, or you can use multiple color beads. This is dependent upon your design. For this reason, you have to prepare the whole plan in your head or draw it on paper.

Next, after arranging all the beads according to your design, you have to take the beading thread. For the Native American design, we prefer the Nymo Beading Threads of size B. this will be much beneficial and much sturdy in nature. Then you need to have a hook that will be attached to the earing to keep it suspended, and you also need to have a small plier that will be used to bend the hook. After gathering all these, you can start the process of making the earrings.

How to Make Native American Beaded Earrings


For this entire process at first, we have to take a needle that should have the thickness that can be pierced through the beads. We already mentioned the size of the thread that we have to use in this case, so now we take the thread and insert it in the needle and tighten the thread, at first we have to start with the basics. For this let us take an even number of beads which can be easily divided into two equal number of beads, say we take ten beads

Now we have to separate them at the end of five beads and fold the thread then sew it with the needle, and this will provide us two rows of beads each consisting of five beads, then we have to take the needle and tighten it with the thread so that they do not get loosened and stay in place. Like this, we have to keep on attaching the beads and make separate rows when necessary, and this should be done totally by following the entire pre-planned design.

We can quickly shuffle the beads’ colors as directed in the design, but the most crucial thing while sewing the raring is to keep count of the beads because this will dictate the whole design of the earrings. Now when you have already gotten the base of the earrings, you can start attaching longitudinal beads; this will be done by taking the thread and inserting the beads in them, then we have to sew the beads with a benchmark pre-attached bead.

In this manner, we can attach as many as longitudinal rows we want, and we can also use multiple colors to make the earrings look much attractive. The next step is t sew the thread, for this we have to take the thread and sew it with the central bead and then cut off with a scissor, the central bead is used because it keeps the thread firmly stitched. Then we have to attach a hook, and it will be done using a small plier. Thus your earring is ready to be worn.

How to Make Native American Beaded Earrings

Things to Keep in Mind While Performing the Task


As the whole process requires continuous sewing using the needle, so we suggest that as a maker, you take the utmost safety for the procedure. Because we are quite sincere about the safety of our users and needle s a sharp element which might be harmful to the fingers. So make sure to wear safety gloves while performing the task.


In conclusion, we would humbly request you to take all the necessary precautions before performing the task. We are hopeful that our mentioned process of making Native American beaded earrings has been beneficial to you for developing your DIY skills. Happy sewing! Have a beautiful day!!