How to Stain Wood Earrings


Earrings are always an essential part of the jewelry for women. They always try to wear aesthetic earrings to match their attire. For this reason, today, we are going to show you some techniques on how to stain wood earrings, which will help improve the outlook of your earrings and improve the aesthetic nature of your attire. The beginners can surely use this technique to enhance their painting skills, and the jewelry will indeed be adorned.

How to Stain Wood Earrings


Wood earning are stained to give them a new look. In this case, their many companies that manufacture staining kits. We are going to discuss two efficient methods for staining your wooden earrings using such products. The steps included in these techniques should be followed chronologically. The procedures are simplified below

  • Method One

In this method, we are going to use the usual wood stain. You can quickly grab them from your nearest departmental store, or you can order via the internet. The earring that you want to stain should be set aside from the others. And then, using tissue paper, you have to clean the surface of the wood. This is much important because the specks of dust attached to the surface of the earrings can thwart the staining process. After the earring is cleaned correctly, we shall go for the stain application.

Now you have to the wood in a dry place, and they wear gloves on your hand. This is much important because the chemical in the stain can hamper your hand. After the gloves are worn, you can take a fresh towel and gently put some stain on it. Then you have rubbed the towel against the wood surface gently. After the first coating is applied, you can use more of the stain to make it darker. This is dependent on the contrast that you want to get for them earrings.

  • Method Two

This method is based on using a liquid stain or more widely known as a water-based stain. These stains are much thinner in terms of concentration, and they can be quite messy. So you must mix them with a little amount of water as instructed by the company. For the process to work correctly, you just wear gloves. Then you have to polish the earring with a clean cloth. This is a common step for before applying the stain, the surface of the application must remain free of debris.

Procedure of Wood Earrings

Then you have to place the earring on a piece of paper, became the aqueous nature of the stain might damage your furniture. Then you have to take a small sponge ad then gently apply the paint all over the earring. Once the first layer is used, you have to let the earring get dried. This will take much time compared to conventional stains. After that, you can again apply more coats for making the stain vibrant.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the techniques we have stated here will benefit staining your wooden earring. We prefer the standard staining method because the water-based staining can be messy for your house. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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