How to Make PVC Look Like Metal?

PVC pipes are the most used plumbing accessories in our home. This versatile material can be used for almost any household works. That’s why it is an important piece of our home décor. Most of the time, it remains hidden inside the walls of the basements. But it has greater functionality, which is essential for decorative items. You might have found this material useful for this type of purpose but facing a great number of obstacles due to its look. Honestly, that’s the annoying part of the PVC pipes. As it remains hidden, the manufacturer hardly pays any attention to its look. Don’t worry; as now you are here, I can make your DIY PVC project attractive. So, leave all the works, and let’s see how to make PVC look like metal!

In some home improvement cases, the PVCs are hard to hide. If you have already completed your basement, you can’t just hide your PVC. In this case, you have to think about something innovative. You can simply turn your PVC into something attractive, giving it a cast-iron finish. Well, that’s how exactly, you can make your PVC look better. Apart from your DIY project, making the PVCs attractive is also needed to maintain the classy look of your home. That’s why I stated it is essential to learn some simple techniques of turning your PVC pipes. Okay, we have talked much, now let’s dive deep!

How to Make PVC Look Like Metal?

I am going to show you some simple tactics that can make your PVC look quite like metal. Your guests will hardly notice that these are PVC after following these steps. But first of all, you will need some materials to prepare everything.


  1. PVC pipes
  2. 220 grit sandpaper
  3. Metallic Spray paint
  4. Hack Saw or Utility Knife

Step 1 – Prepare the PVC Pipes

Before applying the colors to change the appearance of your PVC pipe, you have to first prepare the pipe. In order to give the plastic a more realistic look, you have to give it some special treatment. In this case, I used a utility knife and made some scratches over the pipe. The premade nicks and scratches will show when you will paint it up, and thus it will get a realistic look. You can use a hack saw to cut the pieces for adding some decorations.

Once you have completed that, it is time to dust the pipe. Doing this will hold the treatment properly and retain its look for a long-time. So, take the sandpaper and start dusting your PVC pipe. After finishing this, you have to apply a thick layer of primer. It will hold the cast iron treatment better. I didn’t apply the primer when I attempted first, for which I was unable to apply the cast iron treatment as it didn’t stick properly. That’s why it is recommended to apply primer after dusting; otherwise, your color won’t going to last longer.

Step 2 – Texturing Pipe

If you have completed the previous step, now it is time for texturing the pipes. At this stage, you have to apply a thin layer of oil-based paint to primed PVC. It will be better if you choose the black color because it will give a rusty look. You can also use any color based on your preference and depending on the design of your room. It is up to you.

Anyway, make sure to rub some thin sand before this new layer dries up. Doing this will provide a rough texture, just like the cast iron. If you feel any hesitation or doubt, you can simply follow a picture of cast iron. It will be better if you follow the picture and its color to ensure that you are going the correct way. Okay, if you have now finished adding sands to the rusty areas, add more sands to make it look rougher. This second layer should be applied before the pipe is completely dry. After applying the layer, let the pipe dry properly.

Step 3 – Painting Pipe

If the texture has dried up, get ready for the final action. You have to now finish painting the pipe, and for that, you can add another layer of previously used oil-based black color. When I was working with the pipe, I saw excessive sands in some places. So, I colored those areas properly and let them dry completely. If you continue the process of spreading sands and coloring it evenly, you will get a rusty look of cast iron.

If you have already added some rust-colored paint under the layer, use a sand scraper to take out the black color from below. It will give the pipe a fresh-new rusty look. Depending on the process and your work type, you may need to add some more sands. Eventually, you will be able to make your boring PVC pipes look like metal. That’s all; the process is now completed.

How to Make PVC Look Like Metal


How to make PVC look like metal? Wasn’t that what you were looking for? Have you got your answer? I have covered the simplest tactics to giving the PVC pipes the look of cast irons; hopefully, you have understood these simple steps. There are several other ways to make PVC pipes look more interesting. If you want, you can use them for your DIY project. Do you want to learn them now? Then let us know through the comment section below.

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