How to Melt Copper Pennies?

Copper is a valuable metal that can be used in numerous items to enhance their beauty and texture. It is a transition metal that conducts heat and electricity quickly. That’s why it can be used in several types of craftworks. Copper can be melted and used for storing as ingots or for casting different types of jewelry. But how to melt copper pennies? Well, that’s a good question. In fact, if you have got pre-1982 pennies, you will get more than their face value. Those coins contain around 95% copper, which can be melted down and used for many valuable purposes.

How to Melt Copper Pennies?

The good thing about copper is that they can be melted by any household instrument you have in your home. If you have got a small amount of copper, you can simply use a blowtorch or a stovetop for melting. As this metal conducts heat and electricity quickly, you won’t need any types of industrial induction for the process.

However, some protective measurements should be taken before you start the process. It is because when you melt the pennies, it will release Zinc oxide fumes. This component is harmful to health and triggers flu-like symptoms. If you somehow inhale Zinc Oxide, you will several types of diseases like fever, chills, nausea, headache, etc. will encounter you. Okay, let’s have a look at the properties of copper to make

Properties of Copper

Copper actually has a soft and flexible characteristic that comes in a bright reddish color. The electrical and thermal conductivity of this metal is literally higher than most other metals. This is what makes it an easier one to melt. The melting point of copper is around 1083 degrees, which is relatively higher than other metals. But it can be easily melted if you have got the right equipment it can be easily melted at home.

It doesn’t bear any harmful impacts when melted. But things are a bit different about the copper coins. It is because copper coins contain zinc, and when the coin is melted, it spreads Zinc Oxide in air. The older copper coins of has 5% of zinc, and the rest 95% is copper. But the coins after 1982 have a higher level of zinc, and it is about 97.5%.

So, it is recommended not to use the pennies that were made after 1982. Anyway, if you are going to melt the pennies before that time, it will also release harmful substances. So, make sure to perform the entire process in a well-ventilated area that is equipped with power-assisted ventilation, especially when you are performing the meltdown process at your home.

No matters what you do, just make sure not to inhale the fumes. Otherwise, you have fallen victim to several flues.

How to Melt Copper Pennies

How to Melt Copper Pennies?

Okay, if you have ensured the precautions and found the ventilated place, it is time to start the main process. In this case, we are going to end up the entire process with some simple steps. So, let’s dive in!

Step 1

The pennies can be easily melted on a spoon and heated them with a propane torch. In my case, I found 10 pennies in my old bag. I am usually fond of collecting old things, and it saved my effort. There are more, but I took 10 pennies for the experiment, there will be enough copper in them.

However, I put the ten pennies on the spoon and held it above the torch with locking pliers. The wooden clamp kept the held the spoon securely. Soon the zinc liquefied from copper, and then I removed the copper from there. I used a metal probe for this process.

Step 2

At this stage, I took the blank and then machined the ends. Next, I drilled a hole through from the center. As I got the copper blank, I planned to make a ring with it.

Step 3

Next, I expanded the blank according to the size of the finger. I used a hammer over a pry bar and hammered over ½ socket bit. By hammering a few times, I reached my desired size. You can continue hammering until you get your desired size.

Step 4

Now, it is time for the final touch up. Once you have completed the above steps, you just have to polish it just like I did. It will give shinny and smooth look to the ring. Thus, your home-made copper ring is ready to use. See, it is simple, I told from the beginning. I have got my new ornament. You can also make yours for your personal use, or you can gift to your beloved person. It will be a wonderful gift, indeed.


How to melt copper pennies? Have you got your answer, or are you still confused? Hopefully, I was able to clear the facts. It is simple; you just have to light the blow torch and hold it under the bowl. Make sure to keep it at full force. I have made a copper ring by melting my old copper pennies; you can also make different types of ornaments or just store it for various usage. If you got some better plans to make with melted copper, please let us know through the comment section.

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