How to Make a Clay Mold for Metal Casting

Metal casting is quite a common phenomenon in recent times, and we spent a lot of time binging videos about metal casting on various social media sites. But if you want to make a DIY mold using clay for metal casting, you should follow some specific instructions. For the betterment of our readers today, we will exhibit an easy process that will help you make the best clay mold for metal casting.

How to Make a Clay Mold for Metal Casting

To begin this process, you must start collecting sand in a bucket. You can use regular sand for this process. Additionally, you will need to ensure the sand is free of dust, as the grains need to be uniform for mold-making. To do this, you can start by sieving the sand and then mixing it evenly. You should wear plastic gloves while doing this task. After that, you will need to add water to the sand.

To create a sand-based sculpture, start by mixing no more than ten percent water with sand. Create a wooden frame to hold the sand, then place the desired metal shape in the sand. Make the sand base airtight, then place the second wooden frame around the sand. Pour sand into the frame, then set the sculpture in your desired location.

Accumulating Sand in a Bucket

Using a rectangular stick, it would be best to keep a gap in the sand. This will act as the airflow gap for the mold. Next, you have to let them dry for about an hour; gradually, the sand will become solidified, and then you can remove the metal from the mold. You can use some flour while making the mold, making the work easier. In this way, you can make a clay mold for metal casting.

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