How to Open the Door in Black Temple

Black Temple is one of the exclusive raid dungeons available in World of Warcraft. It was introduced in patch 2.1. It is located on the easternmost edge of Shadowmoon Valley, which lies above Terokkar Forest and Zangarmarsh. The region has no level requirement to enter it. Opening the door in the Black temple might seem cumbersome to some people. For this reason, today, I will discuss an easy process on how to open the door in black temple.

How to Open the Door in Black Temple

Why Is the Door of the Black Temple Hard to Open? 

A simple question from the Warcraft forum just raised a lot of discussions. Unfortunately, many players have been there to witness it, while the rest has vague information about this topic. This article is aimed to shed some light on how the door of the black temple works because, as everyone knows, an opened door would bring more advantages than hindrances for those who are getting ready to fight Illidan in their own way. Actually, what happens behind that mysterious sealed door? Let’s check out together!

A Step-Wise Guide on How to Open the Door in Black Temple

Step 1: Obtain the Key

The key that opens the portal to Karabor is a combination of both Horde and Alliance cooperation. From what I gathered, you need at least 3 other Alliance players (1 Tanks/Healer/2 DPS) as well as 4 Horde players actually to get inside and start fighting Illidan. Basically, what you do is on one of the quests located in Hellfire Peninsula;

An NPC sends you through a series of tasks where your final task is to kill Illidan. After you kill him (he drops an item named Black Temple Key), 2 NPCs appear to give you two different quest items named “Black Temple Key” from each faction and require you to turn them in for it. Doing this will unlock “The Betrayer’s Hideout,” a side dungeon in Shadowmoon Valley.

(Side Note: The reason there need to be 4 Horde players is that inside the Black Temple, you’ll have to fight an NPC named Houndmaster Lokarr who attacks with his pet Molten Earth (a Fire Elemental). He’s meant for LFR only and cannot be killed solo by any class.)

Step 2: Unlocking the Portal

After you complete this quest chain, you now need to talk to two NPCs in Shattrath City. After talking to them, the portal inside Shattrath will open up and transport you into Black Temple, where you can begin your raid journey!

Step 3: Fighting Sister Svalna

Garrosh Hellscream Vs lllidan Stormrage

Sister Svalna is the first boss you will encounter. She’s an Undead Priestess that uses Shadow and Frost magic. Her tank should be a Warrior, Paladin, or Death Knight. The healer needs to have some dispelling ability because she casts Mind Flay, which silences players for around 10 seconds (and prevents them from casting their own spells). If you’re ranged and goes into melee range, she’ll also cast her Fear spell (which lasts like 3-4 seconds) so definitely try not to do that unless someone in your party can dispel it.

Her main attack is Shadowbolt which hits for ~2500 damage on cloth armor-wearing classes and 1500-2000 on mail-wearing classes. She also has a slow projectile that she casts at random players that deals ~500 damage per tick.

Step 4: Fighting Illidan Stormrage

After you kill Sister Svalna, someone needs to step on the Circle of Power for your raid to continue (it teleports you back to Shattrath City). After this happens, Illidan will spawn and attack your party with some pets.

There are a few ads inside his room, so be sure to remove them as soon as possible! His abilities include his Eye Beam, which hits mainly for physical damage (he targets one player and fires a laser beam at them) that can crit up to 3k-5k without debuffs/buffs and hitting other players around it making it a total of ~20k damage.

Also, watch out for his Nether Drake pet. It’s immune to magic/melee attacks, so you’ll need a Hunter or an Engineer to snare it down so that the healer can heal through its high amount of health before DPS kills it off.

He also spawns a Fel Guard pet that uses an ability called Fel Shockwave, which stuns everyone in its radius for about 5-6 seconds and deals around 2k damage. It charges up this attack quickly, so try to move out of its path before you get stunned, or else Illidan will finish you off while you’re unable to do anything!

He has 12mil HP and drops random BoE items and the Tier 4 legs/chest/gloves for Leatherwearers. (There are 8 bosses inside Black Temple, excluding Illidan himself.)

How Do You Open the Door Behind the Illidari Council?

Well, you may think it’s impossible, but I have figured out a foolproof way to open the door. First off, follow the Illidari Council quest line to where you kill Nergoth and get his shield. Next, run The Eye from Netherstorm, loot as many nathrezim eyes as possible (you only need 3), and then make your way back to Black Temple.

How Do You Open the Door Behind the Illidari

Once there, go through all the trash before Kael’thas Sunstrider up until either Finkle or Baras, depending on which one you kill first in the questline. When you reach them, both start spamming all of your interrupts and crowd control spells on them. This will stun them long enough for most of their abilities to fade and for them to start taking damage from you.

Lastly, have everyone in your group use the shield Nergoth gave you, and then right before you are about to die, kill one of the two with a long cooldown, like Baras’ Fear or Finkle’s Snare. This will allow your shield to fall off and leave only Kael’thas Sunstrider standing so that he can be killed. Then all you need do is go up the ramp behind him and click on each of the statues until someone says they found something in their bags.


Lastly, I hope that you have obtained a clear idea about how to open the door in black temple. The people who are fond of this game will surely love to overcome this obstacle. Thank you, and have a good day!

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