How To Organize Deep Dresser Drawers


Dresser drawers have always been a necessary item to store the clothing in an organized way. That’s why almost every homeowner prefers their personalized dresser drawer. Some people use the dresser drawer for storing the office materials or books. While some people use it for displaying the arts and crafts. So, when you have a large collection of clothing, then you must buy a personalized dresser drawer from an online store like Artisan Home Furniture.

But when you buy ready-made furniture, you may not get your personalized option, and some of them may also come with a deep dresser drawer. That’s where all the complications start. Organizing the stuff in a deep dresser drawer isn’t an easy task. The first thing that you need to do is learn the basics of organizing your stuff.

How To Organize Deep Dresser Drawers
How To Organize Deep Dresser Drawers

If you want to organize your deep dresser drawers, you need to follow some simple steps. First, you need to empty the drawer completely. Then, you need to sort everything into piles. Next, you need to measure the drawer and the items in it. Finally, you need to put everything back in the drawer in a way that makes sense.

Processes on How To Organize Deep Dresser Drawers

Process One

First of all, you have to fill your drawers with smaller boxes. These will give you a structure to keep things separate. Now, fold everything following this method. Fold tank tops in half and then fold each half into the center. Finally, fold it into a small rectangle. Place it into the drawer in a vertical position.

Fill Your Drawers With Smaller Boxes to Keep Things Separate

For the leggings and pants, fold them in half, then in half again. Next, fold in the crotch and then fold it into a small rectangle. Once you complete that, fold the pants vertically. Use this same method for any garment items in your house. For t-shirts, pull the sleeve across the front of the shirt, then fold the bottom of the shirt up to meet the top. From there, simply fold the t-shirt in half.

To store your bras, clasp them first and then stack them together. Then, place them behind one another so you can see your options for choosing a perfect one for your outfit.

Stack the socks also and fold them together. Then, store them vertically inside the drawer. You can store small items like sunglasses, watches inside of a small box inside. That’s it; your deep dresser box will now become well organized.

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Process Two

The dresser is the center of your bedroom. It houses most of our clothes, such as underwear and t-shirts we wear to bed at night or on days where we’re lounging around the house all day in sweatpants.

If you were to open up your deep dresser drawer now, it would be full of tissues (dust too!), used socks that are missing their partner(s), pens without caps, receipts from who knows when—all sorts of random things! So how do I clean out my deeply cluttered drawers?

This is an ongoing process for most people because they accumulate so much stuff over time, but how can you start by getting rid of those items that aren’t necessary anymore? Here’s how:

Take Out Sort Out Throw Away
  • Start with the bottom drawer and take everything out.
  • Put your clothes (or place them in another pile) on top of the dresser to make room for more sorting!
  • Throw away any garbage that’s been piling up or things you no longer need like a broken hairbrush, an old box of Christmas decorations, etc. You can always donate those items when it’s all done, too, if they’re still usable by someone else.
  • Take one section at a time – such as socks & underwear – and sort through each item individually before deciding what stays and what goes into either recycling or trash bins next to you. Make sure there is not anything left behind!
  • Repeat this process for the other dresser drawers.
  • Once all your clothes are done, take a break to grab a snack and put everything away.
  • Now that you’ve got an organized dresser with plenty of room in each drawer, start filling up those empty spaces by purchasing some deep hanging organizers or installing shelving brackets on top of them. This is a great way to keep things off the floor while maximizing space too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Often Am I Going To Open This Drawer?  

If you use the deep dresser drawer weekly, then there’s no problem. But if it is used only every six months or a year, and in extreme cases not at all for four years, something should be considered.

What Will Fit Best On Top Of This Drawer? 

This could turn into an issue when deciding where to put clothes that need some attention, as they are likely to get buried under everything else by the time spring rolls around again.

For your preparations to work smoothly, plan out how much space each thing may take up so that nothing gets lost underneath anything – another easy way would be to buy stackable drawers with varying depths to accommodate different amounts of clothing.

Will This Drawer Be Used For Storing Clothes, Makeup, Or Jewelry? 

Having a label on the outside may make it easier to look for something specific and prevent time wasted by rummaging through everything.

This is also advantageous because many products can help keep things organized, such as hooks from Command® brand, which allow you to hang items in less than 15 seconds. Hence, your dresser drawers remain neat and tidy while making sure nothing falls behind – they even come with adhesive strips if drilling isn’t an option!.

It’s important to remember that anything placed within these compartments should relate either spatially or functionally.

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