How to Paint a Front Door with One Side Light Panel



Front doors are one of the essential parts of the house. People always want to keep the front door in good shape. This creates an excellent outlook for the home. But painting a front door is sometimes a hectic task for the painters. For this reason today, we are going to suggest a technique on how to paint a front door with one side light panel, this will be much beneficial for the painters and the beginners.



There are many ways that you can paint a front door. All these include some common steps. We are going to mention these steps for the betterment of our readers. For the best result, you must follow these steps chronologically. These steps are stated below with proper explanation.


How to Paint a Front Door with One Side Light Panel

Step One

At first, you need to gather the necessary equipment for the process to work correctly. You will need paintbrushes and a roller for applying the paint. Then you will need some sandpaper for sanding of the door. You will also need some alcohol to check the condition of the entry. Next, you will need high-quality paints for applying to the door, and you will also require some primer for better adhesive action.

Step Two

Now you have to take some alcohol in a piece of cotton and then apply it to the door. If the color comes off, you need to water-based color for the door, and if the paint does not come off, you will need to buy oil-based color. Now once you have obtained all these, you can start the work. Before you begin the work, all the decorative aspects of the door should be taken off. This includes the mailbox and name cards.

Step Three

Once you have removed the name card and the mailbox, you have to apply some masking tape on the locks and these openings so that the paint does not affect these spaces. After the tape is used, you can take the sandpaper and then rub the whole door. This will allow you to get a better surface for applying the paint. After the sanding is done, you can use the primer on the door. This will be much effective for adhesive action.

Step Four

After the primer is applied, you can take the paintbrush and start using it to the door. At first, you have to take the two inches angles sash brush and apply paint on the panels’ corner. Then you have to take the roller and paint the middle of the pane. After all the panels are painted, you have to go to the center stile. After the center stiles, you should paint the upper stiles, and at last, you have to paint the lower stile. When the first coat dries, you can go for the second coat.



Lastly, we hope that the steps we have mentioned here to paint your front door will be much helpful. This process will much benefit the persons who are into DIY works. This will be beneficial for improving personal skills. Happy painting! Have a nice day!

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