How to Polish Sea Glass

The sea is the most mysterious and beautiful place in the world. It has given us many beautiful edible things and a great piece to showcase. The minerals in seawater can create beautiful things, and one of them is sea glass. Sea glasses are collected to make different kinds of a showpiece as well as used for the showcase. If you love to collect sea glass or plan to, you must know how to polish sea glass.

When you first gather sea glasses from the sea, you will see that they are covered in heavy salt. The salt in the sea glass is known to give the glasses a snowy look. A lot of people do not remove the salt and keep the snowy effect as it is. But some people like to have the glass clean and clear.

But you should know that removing the salt from the sea glass could be a little tough if you do not know the right way of how to polish sea glass. People get frustrated when they apply so many things, yet the salt is not removed.

You will see many people use hard scrubbing, acids, and other chemicals to remove the salt. But one should know that these chemicals can make the glasses damaged. Also, if you are too harsh on the glass, they will lose their natural glow. In some cases, they can break as well. So, if you are curious, let’s start with learning how to polish sea glass.

Best Way of How to Polish Sea Glass

Sea glasses come in various colors. When you first get it from the sea, the salt will hide the color and not let it shine. Although the salt creates a snowy effect, making the glass look more like glass, you have to remove the salt.

You will be surprised to know that you will not need any surprising stuff to remove the salt. What you need are mild oil and some soft washcloth. The best result can be found from using baby oil. If you do not have a washcloth, you can use a paper towel. The only difficulty is that you might not be able to use the paper towel twice.

Take a few drops of baby oil into the washcloth. You do not have to use a lot of oil. A little will do the work. After soaking the washcloth into the oil, you have to slowly and gently rub the sea glass with it. The salt will start to come off within a few minutes. And you will be done with learning how to polish sea glass.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to polish sea glass. We hope our tips will help you. This method is the best and safest to use. Most of the sea glasses are cleaned following this method. And you will not have to look out for materials as well as these things can be found easily at home. If you do not have, you can use the alternative.

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