How to Put Out Tiki Torches

Whenever you are outside, you will need some source of light in the dark. One of the fun things to do during summertime is camping or spending some time out in the night. But you cannot just stay there without any light as you cannot be sure what could be larking out there. So, you will need some light source, and tiki lights are one of the most expensive things you can think of. But many people do not know how to take care of them, especially how to put out tiki torches so that you can enjoy them properly.

The thing about tiki torches is that they are way better than any LED light you can get. The thing is that those flashlights can be a lot expensive to buy as well as take care of. But with tiki torches, you do not have to spend that much. They are very cheap and easy to find. Most people should know what a tiki torch is but in case you do not; they are some traditional torches made out of bamboo and light up with fire and some fuel. Before you can learn how to put out tiki torches, we need to make sure of what kinds of tiki torch you have.

Types of Tiki Torches
Even though tiki torches are a traditional thing from the tiki culture, people and companies have brought out different types of tiki torches with the new innovative ideas. Those torches have the same look and use, but the functionality can be a bit other than what you may have thought. They are easy to put on, but you need to know the way you put them out. Also, there are ways to take care of them, so without knowing them, you can end up ruining your special tiki torches. Let’s see some types of tiki torches-

The classic tiki torches are the ones that have been going around for decades. The tiki torches are made out of bamboo, and they are very easy to put on and out. You can have them for your barbeque and other outdoor parties.
There are metal made tiki torches that are more innovative and long-lasting. The tiki torches have more light on them and are very useful. They are mostly run by healthy fuels, so you have to be careful when you are using them.

The solar tiki torches are the most popular ones as they are run by the power of the sun. People will not have to worry about fuel or anything else. They can just charge them with the sun, and they will be good to go. Also, they are very cost-friendly and easy to maintain.
Learn: How to Put Out Tiki Torches
Although these tiki torches are easy to use and maintain, you need to learn the proper way of doing so. A lot of people always make the mistake of not caring about how to put on and out the fire of tiki torches, and that causes a lot of danger for the torch. That is why we are going to focus on how to put out tiki torches.

Not only is there a danger for the tiki torch but also for yourself. You need to know how to use it correctly and among the usage, learning how to put them out is very important. You should never leave your tiki torches to burn throughout the night or leave unchecked. If the fuel is over and the torch does not turn off by itself, the fire can create many problems. Also, you should never waste energy without any reason. Even though they do not cost much, but it is not wise to misuse it. Who will love to go out often to buy things!

Considering all these reasons, you should definitely be concern about learning the right way of putting out the tiki torches. As you have seen, there are different types

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of a tiki torch, and each of them should have another method for putting off. That is why you should know what kind of tiki torch you are using and learn the way.
When you are going to purchase the tiki torch, you should always check the packet and read all the instructions. The brand company should include the way to put the torch off in the package. But if you made a mistake and threw the packet way, that is when you can use the knowledge you have.
Some of the tiki torches should come with some sort of cap.

The cap is used for putting the torch out. You can put the lid on the flame, and it will engulf it safely. If the torch does not come with a cap, you can look for a candle snuffer. The candle snuffer is a great tool to turn off those torches that have flames. Some of the tiki torches should come with manual option. They should have some button to turn the torch on and off. And in that way, you will not have to worry about the flame too much. As for the solar tiki torch, you do not have to worry about putting them off as they do not require it. They are not dangerous at all. However, if you want to save power, then you can turn the power off.

Final Thoughts

That was all for the instruction. For those the ones that do not know about tiki torches, they are having trouble with the flashlight and battery stuff. But if you are the ones that know about the tiki torch, then you should buy them as soon as possible. They are fun and delightful to have outside when you have an outing with your friends and family. Hopefully, our tips on how to put out tiki torches will help you figure out all the things that you need so that you can enjoy your tiki torches without facing any difficulties. 

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