How to Refill Twist Pen

Twist pens are a great way to keep your fingers free of ink. They’re also the perfect tool for those with limited dexterity since you can twist and write without using your hands.

How to Refill Twist Pen

If you’ve been using your twist pen for a while and it’s running low on ink, don’t worry! Refilling it is a simple process as long as you follow these steps: This post will go through the steps on how to refill twist pen ink for writing and sketching. 

How To Refill Twist Pen: 7 Steps To Follow

Step 1: Remove the Top of the Pen.

This is usually done by unscrewing the nose cone (the part you grab). The top of the pen will either unscrew with the rest of it might be glued. If it’s glued, you might need to grab a knife or box cutter and cut the top off.

Step 2: Remove any Gasket or Separator.

A gasket may have been installed between the ink cartridge and twist mechanism to slow the leaking of ink. If it is removable, remove it with your fingers. If not, try to grab the ink cartridge and pull outwards on it until you can remove the gasket from around the ink cartridge itself. It will still be in place on one side or another, but you should be able to remove it without tearing or breaking it.

Step 3: Pull out the Inner Liquid Container.

The inner container that holds the ink is usually pushed in. Grab it and pull straight out of the outer portion (you may need to grab the larger black part just above it). This will allow you to access the size of ink chamber.

Grab It and Pull Straight Out

Step 4: Pull the Plastic Piece Out.

Some twist pens have a plastic piece at the tip end that contains the hole through which you write with. It usually pops out pretty easily with your fingers but if it doesn’t, grab something and pull until it does.

Step 5: Measure the Chamber Size.

Measure the size of the chamber that you just removed. It may be a little tricky, but take the ruler and measure across the area where you would have written with your pen. This will give you an approximate size of the hole that needs to be drilled into it in order to fill up the chamber with ink. 

Step 6: Select Your Ink Color

The amount of ink you need to refill your twist pen will depend on how much is left in your original cartridge. There are many different things that you can use to refill any chamber but the best ink choice is always going to be a good high-quality black ink.  

Step 7: Fill the Ink into the Hole.

The next step will be to fill the chamber up with ink (you do this by dipping your pen into a bottle of ink and giving it a few shakes). Once you have filled the chamber, give the plastic piece a good shake as well so that all parts of the chamber are covered.

Step 8: Insert Nib Back Into The Pen If Desired

If you want to be able to write with your pen again, you’ll have to insert the nib back into the hole. Sometimes this is easy and other times it can be a little complicated. It helps if there isn’t much ink in the chamber for this step as well (too much will make it harder to fit the end of the pen into the hole).

Insert the Nib Back Into the Hole

If you have trouble putting it back together, try wrapping some tape around the larger black section before you put in the tip. This will ensure that all parts are connected and ready for use.

Step 9: Put It Back Together

After you’ve filled the chamber, put back all of the pieces that you had previously removed. First, screw your top piece onto the pen (if it doesn’t screw on easily, make sure that all parts are attached before continuing). Then drop in your inner chamber and give it a twist to fasten it into its original position.

Step 10: The Refilled Pen is Ready for Use!

The last step is to test out your pen by writing with it. It should write exactly the same as it did before you took it apart, or even better (if you filled it with black ink)! If there are any problems with fading of ink or leakages, try refilling the chamber again until you get your desired results.  

How long Does Twist Pen Last?

A Twist Pen refill lasts about two weeks if used on a daily basis and once all of the ink has been dispensed the pen will need to be re-inked. The ink is water-based and will not damage the pen or your refillable lighter. The inks themselves are made from organic compounds and vegetable dyes (non-toxic) which means that when it comes to refilling a Twist Pen there are no big secrets only common-sense rules for safety.

Final Thoughts

The Twist Pen is the most comfortable and natural writing instrument ever.  Refilling your Twist Pen is easy! Simply unscrew the pen and insert a new ink cartridge. Then, screw the pen back together until it’s tight. Your Twist Pen will now be ready to go for another long day of writing!

To ensure that you get enough ink in each refill, make sure that you shake up your refill before inserting it into your Twist Pen. With a little patience and the right tools, you can refill your Twist Pen with ease. We have given step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself! If you have any questions about how to refill twist pens, please let us know!

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