How to Remove a Grommet


The grommet is handy for fabric. It can always be an innovative way to keep the leather safe. The material can be hung using these grommets, and if there is any hole in the fabric, it can be prevented from further damage. Sometimes there requires urgency on removing the grommet, and specific ways can be implemented. For this reason, today, we will suggest some techniques on how to remove a grommet. This will be much helpful for beginners.

How to Remove a Grommet


• Method One

In this method, you will need some essential tools for removing the grommet. You will need a flat head screwdriver, a dead blow hammer, and a wooden plank. After gathering all these, you can start the process of removing the grommet. Before we get into the process, it is worth mentioning that this technique is suitable for eliminating grommet of larger sizes.

Now you have to place the grommet bearing cloth on a piece of the wooden plank.Then you have to make sure that the wooden plank is firmly attached to the table. Now you have to place the washer bearing side of the grommet, and the shank will be on the opposite side. Now you have to take the dead blow hammer and the flat head screwdriver and then start heating the washer around the circumference. The washer will start to lose, and after the continuous blow, it will come off. Once the washer comes off, the shank will also come off from cloth.

flat head screwdriver and then start heating the washer around the circumference

• Method Two

This method includes using an ordinary plier for removing the grommet. You can easily use this method to remove the grommet, which is comparatively smaller in size. You have to place the washer end on the table in the same manner, and then to use the plier, you have to start unhooking the washer. In this manner, the whole washer should be unhooked using the plier, once the washer is unhooked, it will automatically come off from the cloth, and the shank will be taken out quickly.

• Method Three

This method includes the use of some electronic accessories like a drill bit. The drill bit, which we use for the fastener attachment, can be easily used for this process. But there is a limitation that should be checked before applying this technique. The grommet, which is loosely attached to the fabric, cannot be removed using this process. The grommet will start revolving while using the drill bit.

So you have to take the grommet and insert the drill bit on the grommet and then start the drill machine. You can turn the grommet using your hand. The firm attachment of the washer will get lose gradually, and it will come off. Eventually, the total shank and washer will be detached.

You can turn the grommet using your hand.


In conclusion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude towards the readers. The techniques that have been described here will surely be beneficial for removing the grommet from fabric. Besides, this will be an innovative technique for the beginner to learn new things, and the persons interested in DIY activities will also benefit from these processes. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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