How to Remove a Grommet


The grommet is a handy tool that can be used to protect fabric. It can be used to hang fabric and to prevent further damage to fabric that has holes in it. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a grommet quickly, and there are specific ways to do this. Today we will suggest some techniques on how to remove a grommet.

How to Remove a Grommet

How to Remove a Grommet: Five Effective Methods

Method 1: Using a Dead Blow Hammer

In this method, you will need some essential tools for removing the grommet. You will need a flat head screwdriver, a dead blow hammer, and a wooden plank. After gathering all these, you can start removing the grommet. Before we get into the process, it is worth mentioning that this technique is suitable for eliminating grommets of larger sizes. First of all, you will need to get a piece of wood. Place the wooden plank on the workbench or a hard surface area. Then place the grommet in the middle of the plank.

Now you have to place the grommet-bearing cloth on a piece of the wooden plank. Then you have to make sure that the wooden plank is firmly attached to the table. Now you have to place the washer-bearing side of the grommet, and the shank will be on the opposite side. Next, you have to make sure that the tip of the grommet is positioned at the center of the washer. Now it is time to take the hammer and start striking the shank of the grommet gently.

You have to take the dead blow hammer and the flat head screwdriver and then start heating the washer around the circumference. The washer will start to lose, and after the continuous blow, it will come off. Once the washer comes off, the shank will also come off from cloth. This is because the washer helps to connect the shank with the cloth. First, you have to set the washing machine at a low spin speed. This will make sure that the fabric does not get too loose. If the fabric gets too loose, then it will tear easily.

flat head screwdriver and then start heating the washer around the circumference

Method 2: Using an Ordinary Plier

This method includes using an ordinary plier to remove the grommet. You can easily use this method to remove the grommet, which is comparatively smaller. However, you have to place the washer end on the table in the same manner, and then to use the plier, you have to start unhooking the washer. It is a simple method and can easily be performed by everyone. All you need to have are a few tools, like an ordinary plier and a pair of pliers as well. You can also use an old toothbrush for cleaning the faucet after removing the grommet.

In this manner, the whole washer should be unhooked using the plier, once the washer is unhooked, it will automatically come off from the cloth, and the shank will be taken out quickly.

Method 3: Using a Drill Bit 

This method includes the use of some electronic accessories like a drill bit. The drill bit, which we use for the fastener attachment, can be easily used for this process. But there is a limitation that should be checked before applying this technique. The grommet, loosely attached to the fabric, cannot be removed using this process. The grommet will start revolving while using the drill bit.

So you have to take the grommet, insert the drill bit on the grommet and then start the drill machine. You can turn the grommet using your hand. The firm attachment of the washer will get lost gradually, and it will come off. Eventually, the total shank and washer will be detached.

Method 4: Screw, Drill, and Grommet

In removing a grommet, you have to use these three things a screw, a drill, and a grommet. This is an effective way of removing the grommet. First of all, place the grommets on the metal plate. Next, you have to put the metal plate on the table, and then use the drill.

You have to press hard on the drill so that it can pierce through both sides of the grommet. Once pierced, you will be left with just a piece of the shank in your hands. Now you have to take out the screw. Now you have to pierce the drill in the same manner on both sides of the shank, and then it will easily come off from the cloth.

Method 5: Using a Screwdriver Only

This is another method for removing grommets. This method is suitable for small-sized grommets. You have to place the grommet on a flat metal plate, and then you have to use the screwdriver for prying open both sides of the grommet.

The shank of the grommet is attached with some holes, and through these holes, you can easily pull out the shank. Now take out the pieces of the washer from the cloth.

Note: This is all about the different methods of removing a grommet. Now it is time to be aware of some precautions necessary for the removal of the grommets. It will help you in making your work easier and safer too. You have to ensure that you are not applying this process to any electrical appliance. This process is only applicable to the fabric, which does not contain any metal.

You can turn the grommet using your hand.

Precautions to Take

1. Be sure to use this process for an old grommet. These techniques cannot remove new or firm grommets.

2. Make sure that you are applying all the methods on a flat metal plate, so there are no chances of any mishap linked to it.

3. This method does not apply to electrical appliances. So you have to be very careful before using it for any appliance.

4. You do not need to use the drill machine for the metal plate, which is already pierced with holes of grommets. This method can be effective only if all the grommet sides are equally pierced with the drill machine. If you choose, you can use a drill bit for this process.

5. For the best results, it is advised to clean the cloth after removing the grommet from it. This will make it more presentable for future use.

What is a Grommet?

Grommets are used in the replacement of missing teeth. They are small rings normally made from Natural Rubber inserted between two abutment crowns to hold a complete denture in place while it heals.

They are used when an implant has been placed, but the gum tissue is still not healed or closed. The grommet provides support and protection to the gum from abrasion, allowing it to heal before a final restoration process begins.

Where Can You Find Grommets?

If you are looking for where to buy grommets, many online stores specialize in selling them. You can easily find information about these online stores by doing a simple search on the Internet. Many large retailers also carry them if they deal in fabric or cloth. While buying, look for rubber or plastic grommets, not metal ones.

Use Head Screwdriver

How Long Does it Take to Remove a Grommet?

How long it takes to remove a grommet varies depending on the material used in the grommet’s construction.

1. Fabric Grommets

Fabric grommets are usually made of rubber or plastic, with some metal ones occasionally encountered. To remove a fabric grommet, you’ll need to be patient. The rubber or plastic can stretch quite a bit, so it may take some time for you to gather all of the material back in its original configuration.

2. Metal Grommets

Metal grommets are usually made of aluminum or brass, with steel ones occasionally encountered. To remove a metal grommet, you’ll need to have some side cutters or pliers. You can usually grip the grommet through the fabric with these tools and then push it into the hole to release it.

3. Wire Grommets

Wire grommets are often made out of aluminum, although steel ones are occasionally encountered. They can be removed by hand or by using other tools to grip the grommet through the fabric and release it from the other side.

4. Plastic Grommets

Plastic grommets are usually quite easy to remove. However, pliers and side cutters may be needed if the material is thick and tough enough that it cannot be easily pulled through the hole by hand.

5. Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets can be difficult or easy to remove. If the rubber is worn at all, it may be easy to pull it through the hole by hand because the rubber will stretch quite a bit. However, if the grommet is still in good condition, you’ll need side cutters or pliers to help you grip and release them from either side of the fabric.

Use Rubber Grommets

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Undo a Grommet?

Yes, you can undo a grommet. Grommets are small pieces of metal used to seal the opening of a pipe. They are inserted into the pipe using a tool called a grommet wrench.

Are Grommets and Eyelets the Same?

Grommets and eyelets are the same types of fasteners, but they have different purposes. Grommets are used to attach the fabric to a piece of wood or other material, while eyelets are used to attach the fabric to a metal surface.

Do Grommets Hurt?

Grommets don’t hurt when they are inserted. However, some people may experience mild discomfort or pain when the grommet is removed. This is usually due to the insertion process being too forceful or the grommet being inserted incorrectly.

Which Is Stronger Eyelets or Grommets?

Eyelets are stronger than grommets because they have greater tensile strength. Grommets have lower tensile strength and can be pulled apart more easily.

What Is the Difference Between an Island and a Grommet?

An island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water. A grommet is a hole in the fabric of an article of clothing, such as a shirt or pair of pants, through which the wearer’s head and neck can be seen.


In conclusion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude towards the readers. The techniques that have been described here will surely be beneficial for removing the grommet from fabric. Besides, this will be an innovative technique for the beginner to learn new things, and the persons interested in DIY activities will also benefit from these processes. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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