How to Remove Fixed Panel of Sliding Glass Door

The fixed panel is a part of the sliding door. It is utilized as an option for opening and closing the glass section, and it’s normally made of aluminum or wood material. A fixed panel could be useful to you if you need privacy protection because it prevented people from peeping into your private space. But if you want to use this sliding door without a fixed panel, you have to remove it. First, the fixed panels installed on your door. So today, I will discuss an easy process on how to remove fixed panel of sliding glass door.

How to Remove Fixed Panel of Sliding Glass Door

A Step-Wise Guide on How to Remove Fixed Panel of Sliding Glass Door

This section will teach you how to remove fixed panel of sliding glass door, so you can replace it with new glass or start making repairs. First, take a look at the different parts of your sliding glass door:

Step 1 – Remove the Interior Frame:

To get access to the outside frame, remove all the screws from the inside that are holding the interior frame in place. You will need a drill/screwdriver and some pliers (see diagram).


Putting something on top of your shelf is very helpful here because it keeps everything steady as it comes loose and falls. I literally put a couple of buckets upside down on top of my shelf unit just for this purpose!

In many cases, you’ll find that the interior frame is held in place by some crumbling caulk that will also come out as you pull it off. If not, don’t worry about it and move on!

Remove the Interior Frame of Sliding Glass Door

Step 2 – Remove the Outside Frame:

The outside frame is only held on two screws from each side (four total). You can easily reach them from inside through the holes of Step 1. Start by obliterating these four screws. Then gently pry at the top edge of the outside frame with a flat head screwdriver. This part will take some force because nails hold it down below but keep pulling until it comes free enough to push out to the left or right (depending on where your door is located on your wall). Now you can remove the outside frame.

Step 3 – Remove the Fixed Panel:

The fixed panel is only held on by one screw from each side, so you can easily reach these screws through the holes of Step 1. Next, obliterate both screws and pull out the top edge to make sure it’s loose enough that you can push it out and lift off the bottom part until there’s nothing left holding it in place. Congratulations! You have successfully removed your fixed panel!

Step 4 – Make Repairs/Replace Glass:

Repair or replace your sliding glass door according to what type of damage is present on your glass or metal parts. Here are some articles that may help make repairs or replacements for popular brands and types of sliding glass doors here.

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What Damages Occur to A Fixed Panel of Sliding Glass Door?

If your sliding glass door has a fixed panel, you should be quite familiar with the problems it brings.

Why does it happen?  The fixed panel makes it easy to access and prevents interference with the opening of the door, but it can also significantly damage the house because:

  • Birds like to build their nests inside. And when they have babies, those birds will defend their nests fiercely by throwing droppings at anyone who comes near them. They will also attack people outside of the house, causing injuries!
  • When the cold wind blows in from outside, this door design often lets raindrops into your home, directly hitting on furniture or other valuable items on display. This causes water stains that are difficult to remove from wood flooring at the bottom of the door.

The best design for a sliding glass door has an opening panel at the bottom with hinges and a stop to prevent it from going out.  However, there is no way you can change this type of door unless you search hard for one when you buy your house or build your own with a custom contractor.

Precautions While Learning How to Remove Fixed Panel of Sliding Glass Door

  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working with doors,
  • Not to remove the fixed panel of sliding glass door if you don’t know what you’re doing or it’s too difficult for your skill level. Don’t force the lock if the key is broken from inside the lock, as the broken pieces may be in moving parts now. There is a strong possibility of getting hurt.
  • Wear non-static shoes/boots while removing a fixed panel of sliding glass doors. This is because static shoes might attract electricity which can hurt us badly. It’s always good to detect any possible hazard before starting work on it rather than fixing things later, which becomes harder than before because we didn’t do proper planning in the first place (almost every single time).
  • Turn off the electricity before starting work on the sliding glass door? If possible, turn off the central locking system, alarm system, and power supply to that location. They might be turned on by mistake while working on it when touching its wired connections etc. It will be very dangerous if any part of our body touches the current running wires or touches any metal frame earthed sometime in the past with wet hands.
  • Always press down the moving parts before removing the fixed panel of the sliding glass door. This is because many moving parts like gears, shafts, and pins have lubricant on them for smooth motion, but they get hard and need to be pressed down after a while. Also, some of them are made so that we need to apply a bit of force to press it down so that the spring-loaded shaft can move freely.

Can One Side of A Fixed Glass Panel Be Changed?

One of the sliding glass door panels gets stuck and can no longer slide open or closed. Sometimes, one side of a fixed panel is loose and rattles, making it unbalanced with the other panel.

If something breaks on your sliding glass door, you may not want to replace everything at once. So you think about removing just one side of a sliding door fixed panel. Here are some steps to do that:

Step 1 – Locate The Fixed Panel Hardware Screws

The first thing you should do is locate where the screws holding the fixed panel are screwed in. In most cases, this screw goes from top to bottom on both sides of the tracks, but sometimes these screws are hidden in the lower track of doors.

Step 2 – Remove The Screws Holding The Fixed Panel In Place And Then Pull Out One Side Of The Panel

After removing these screws, it should be quite easy to slide out one side of a panel. You may want to tap gently on the end of the door fixed panel so that it will not scratch your floor or walls before removing one side of a sliding door fixed panel. After you pull out both panels away from each other, take a look at the roller bearings and slides holding them up, and if they require any repairs, replace them right away. If there are no problems with this, then you can put back one side of a sliding glass door panel into place.

Removing the Screws From Sliding Glass Door

Step 3 – Re-Assemble The Sliding Glass Door

After removing one side of the sliding glass door panel, make sure that all of the tracks are clean and free from debris. If there is residue build-up, then use a stiff bristle brush to scrape it off. Cleaning these tracks will increase the performance of your doors, as well as extending their life span. After you’re done cleaning your track, put back both panels together and re-attach them with screws taken off earlier on this article. These steps should be able to restore your sliding glass doors into their original condition without needing any replacements or major repairs!


Lastly, I hope that you have understood the entire process of how to remove fixed panel of sliding glass door for this article. Thank you, and have a good day!

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