How to Fix a Shattered Glass Door


There are several advantages to glass doors. First, it gives you more light than an ordinary wood door or metal door. Second, they look very nice and can add value to your home if you plan on selling it in the future. Third, you can see what is happening outside without having to open the door, which could leave your home vulnerable to intruders looking for windows that are unlocked. Unfortunately, due to the fragility of glass, they can be broken easily by objects falling from higher locations like balconies, roofs, or upper floors inside buildings such as offices and hotels; or by strong winds during storms (i.e., hurricanes).

When this happens, you must take immediate steps to repair it. So I today will be discussing how to fix a shattered glass door. So let us get started.

How to Fix a Shattered Glass Door

Step-wise Guide on How to Fix a Shattered Glass Door

Getting a new glass door installed is quite expensive, especially if you have DIY skills to fix it on your own. But if the place is exposed to frequent occurrences of vandalism and break-ins, then that’s a different story altogether. Many burglars look for proof of unoccupied houses. If they don’t find anything suspicious like broken windows or doors, they may move to another windowless and doorless house.

So even if your door gets completely shattered, but there isn’t any sign of damage anywhere else on the outer walls of your house, you can still repair it yourself with minimal expenses. All you need is some basic knowledge about the material from which these doors are made and how to fix it. That’s it!

  • Try and identify the reason for which your door was broken. For example, was it due to a burglary? Or had there been an accident with a stray bullet or stones thrown from across the street? You can find out by noticing whether the edges of your door are chipped or not.

    If they aren’t, then you have good reasons to believe that it got hit by something like a rock or someone just kicked off some chunks of concrete against your wall. You must figure this out as soon as possible because you need to calculate things just right to get appropriate materials ready and procured for repairing that shattered glass door.
  • If your door was hit by stones or something similar, then you need to get some plywood sheets and secure them against the walls with nails. But if it got hit and shattered due to a bullet or because of a melee between two groups of people, chances are you might require more than one sheet. You can actually call up handypersons if you aren’t that educated on fixing such things yourself because they usually come with all sorts of supplies.
  • After securing the wooden boards against both sides of your wall for protection purposes, get some hardwood planks and nail them along the edges, which will fall directly on those wood panels held together by plywood sheets. This will be your basic framework to strengthen the wall at the same time as we’re going to cover it with glass doors.
  • Now that you’ve set everything up for a sturdy wall calculate how many panels of the glass door are still left and get hold of an additional sheet or two. Cut them into smaller pieces using your handsaw and hammer, then nail those sheets on top of the planks, which will serve as a face frame for the rest of your shattered window door.
    Remember: don’t forget to leave appropriate gaps between your newly nailing items just so that you can install doorknobs and locks without any problem later on!
  • Get some transparent plates made out of acrylic and use them to replace some portions of broken glass paneling. You can even use large panes, which are supposed to be used as part of your window instead. Nail those pieces into place and then use transparent glue to fix the same facedown.
  • Lastly, you have to cover up the edges with fiberglass strips before securing everything in place with strong resin or any other adhesive. Ensure that you get it completely airtight so that there aren’t any gaps over the edges where rain can ruin your work! Apply some pressure on all corners before closing up a box-like case around them.

Precautions While Fixing a Shattered Glass Door

  • Do not try to fix the glass in case it is boiling directly. Instead, let the glass cool down first, and then only remove it from the door.
  • After removing the broken glass, let the door or frame dry completely. If you hang up a wet frame, there are chances of mold growth inside and outside, which will increase your troubles even further.
Door or Frame Dry Completely
  • Painstakingly inspect every shard to ensure that they are spotless with no pieces left behind before proceeding ahead with fixing things back.

How to Clean a Glass Door?

It isn’t easy to clean an exterior glass door or window, especially if you don’t know-how.

You should use the right materials and never use commercial cleaners because they can ruin their appearance.

  • Use a soft cloth or non-abrasive paper towel to remove any dirt on the surface of your glass door/window. You may also use a mild detergent solution with warm water – carefully apply some detergent into the cloth or onto a sponge.
  • Dry your glass doors/window using a soft cloth or dry paper towel as soon as possible after washing it to avoid drips and streaks appearing on them before they have time to dry completely.
  • If you want to achieve an extra shine on the glass, you can finish it with a dry microfiber fabric. To remove excess water and to avoid streaks, dab first with a soft cloth..
  • Don’t use power washers or anything that will cause damage to your doors or windows. 
  • You should never use commercial cleaners on them because they are likely to leave stains on the glass surface, which you won’t be able to get rid of easily.
  • If any dirt persists after washing your window/door several times, allow it to dry completely, then clean it more aggressively by using vinegar mixed in warm water. Don’t forget that it is not recommended that you mix vinegar with detergent for cleaning purposes due to its acidic nature.


A shattered glass door can be a disturbing sight to an onlooker but what matters most is how fast one can get rid of the damage without compromising the visibility or safety of family members residing within such a room. I hope you have learned all the steps regarding how to fix a shattered glass door. Thank you and have a nice day!

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