How to Remove Paint From Louis Vuitton Bag


Designer bag makers such as Louis Vuitton create beautiful, durable, and pricey handbags. Louis Vuitton Bags are a favorite for many wives and mothers of babies. These bags can last years while remaining in perfect condition.  However, sometimes a bag is ruined and needs to be repaired.

These repairs may not actually be on the original Louis Vuitton handbag. They could also include a baby’s bodily fluids that have spilled onto the inside of the purse.

How to Remove Paint From Louis Vuitton Bag

In this article, I will discuss how to remove paint from Louis Vuitton bag, which will help you return your damaged luxury bag into its former glory without damaging it any further or ruining those precious leather surfaces. So let us get started.

Step-wise guide on How to Remove Paint From Louis Vuitton Bag

Remove the Paint From the Bag:

If a brush or spray has accidentally painted your Louis Vuitton bag, then you should immediately wash off the paint by using lukewarm water. For this, first, remove as much of the paint that stuck onto your bag with cotton wool and nail polish remover. Now dip a piece of cloth into warm water and squeeze out excess moisture from it.

Water needs to be neither cold nor hot; otherwise, it may cause further damage to the leather parts of your handbag. Next, rub the soaked cloth on areas where there are still traces of paint stains. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for this purpose. After removing most of the traces from your LV Bag, use wet wipes/cloth to clean up the remaining traces.

Dry Your Bag:

Use dry cloth/towels to wipe off water from your bag and ensure it is scorched before proceeding further.

Clean the Stained Areas:

Now, take a soft bristle toothbrush and clean off loose paint bits stuck on leather parts of your Louis Vuitton handbag using nail polish remover or acetone, which is an ingredient used in most nail polish formulations as a solvent.

The surface must be kept wet while cleaning with nail polish remover. Otherwise, the paint will get dried up and result in unwanted cracks on the leather parts of your favorite LV Bag. 

Cleaning With Nail Polish Remover

Apply Leather Re-dye:

Once all stains have been removed from areas of your Louis Vuitton handbag, you should now apply leather re-dye to replenish your bag’s color. 

Locate the original color of your LV bag by checking it against its tag or other identification mark found on the inside or bottom of your handbag. Now dip a soft cloth into the dye and apply it all over the surface of your Louis Vuitton Bag.

At this point, care must be taken that enough dye is applied. Otherwise, blotches might appear after drying off, thus giving you a bad impression. Repeat steps 2-3 once more before proceeding with the next step for better results.

Reinstall Hardware:

After that, install back all hardware and carry your newly repaired handbag back home with a shiny new look!

Wipe off Excess Spray:

When your Louis Vuitton bag has been completely dried, wipe off any excess re-dye which got applied over the side/bottom parts of your handbag using a cotton cloth dipped in nail polish remover. 

Apply 1st Coat of UV Resistant Spray:

Allow the surface to dry for about 10 minutes, and then apply the first coat of UV resistant spray. Let it dry for another hour or so. Now apply 2nd coat of UV-resistant spray to complete the process.

Apply 1st Coat of UV Resistant Spray


Accidentally spilling coffee or tea on Louis Vuitton bags can also result in the same kind of damage as described above, in case you try to wipe it out with wet clothes; resulting in blotches on the leather surface, the paint will get dried, and it might also cause cracks.

Precautions While Removing Paint From Louis Vuitton Bag

  • Do not rub the paint vigorously on your Louis Vuitton Bag, as it may scrape off the leather surface and lead to premature bag wear out. Always test a small spot of the purse first before applying full-strength paint remover onto your favorite Louis Vuitton Bag.
  • Use rubber gloves that are non-permeable and protect yourself from inhaling toxic fumes from paint remover during the cleaning process.
  • The distilled white vinegar can be used to remove residual glue or paint spots after all traces of paint removers were washed off with water while protecting yourself from harmful chemicals by using rubber gloves along with ventilation for at least 15 minutes.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation (ventilate your space or open the windows to air out) while removing paint from your Louis Vuitton purse, as toxic fumes emitted by certain chemicals can be dangerous for you.
  • A great way to prevent future paint stains is to apply clear nail polish on the corners of the bottom part of your LV bag before it happens. The paint will not stick onto anything well-sealed with clear nail polish if you ever reencounter this problem in the future.
  • If your Louis Vuitton Bag has been painted, but you really like how it looks, then try using a clear coat (like Mod Podge) to seal in the paint and protect it from getting dirty or worn out. This method works best when painting small sections of your bag, such as the corners of the bottom part or on your purse straps.
  • Don’t throw away a paint-stained Louis Vuitton Bag! This can be a great opportunity to repurpose your favorite handbag by painting it and having it customized with something stylish and creative, which will make it unique only to you. Of course, you can always keep the factory hardware in place so that if you get tired of the design, you still have an option to return it to its original state. Remember this rule “Don’t Throw Away A Paint Stained Louis Vuitton Handbag… Repurpose It & Make It Unique!”
  • If you are using acetone or methyl alcohol as an additional help for removing paints, make sure you wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles; while doing so, they are noxious chemicals that can harm your health if used without protection. Furthermore, it is always safe to test a small sample area first to ensure the chemicals will not damage the leather on your Louis Vuitton bag before proceeding with full-strength application onto larger areas of the purse’s surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Magic Eraser on Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a high-end fashion company, and its products are quite expensive. If you were to use a magic eraser on them, the results would be catastrophic.

We don’t recommend using any product on Louis Vuitton because they are made with strong material like leather and canvas, which can be harmed by anything that isn’t an exact match for it.

Is Paint Thinner Bad for Leather?

Paint thinner is an effective solvent that can remove dried paint, grease, and other contaminants from surfaces. However, it should not be used on leather.

Paint thinner contains nitrocellulose which is a very potent type of plasticizer. It can break down the natural lipids in the leather, making it soft and pliable. If you want to use paint thinner on your leather furniture, then you need to test a small area first and see if it damages the material or not.

Will Nail Polish Remover Take Off Paint?

Nail polish remover can take off the paint. The chemicals in nail polish remover are strong enough to remove the top layer of paint on your nails, but not the entire nail.

Is Methylated Spirits Safe on Leather?

Methylated spirits are safe on leather as long as it is cleaned properly. The product should be diluted in a bucket of water with a cleaning agent like dish soap or washing-up liquid, and then the mixture should be used to clean the leather.

Another method would be to use a cloth dipped in methylated spirits, which should then be soaked in warm water and left to sit for five minutes before being wiped over the leather.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to remove paint from Louis Vuitton Bag. Ensure all the precautions while performing the process. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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