How to Remove Pencil Marks From Paper


Pencil marks are often a rather pesky problem when it comes to erasing them. They can be hard to erase, and you may need more than one technique to remove the pencil mark fully. If you have ever tried removing pencil marks from paper, this article will surely work! In this article, I will discuss removing pencil marks from paper. So let us get started.

How to Remove Pencil Marks From Paper

A Guide on How to Remove Pencil Marks From Paper:

The use of pencils has increased, but this can create problems. When students see a mistake on their paper, they might use an erasable pencil to try and fix it. However, sometimes when scanned papers, the computer can pick up both the black and white marks, which can be confusing. There are ways to remove pencil marks from papers, though.

Mostly these days, there are no erasers available with us, so we have to make some homemade ones like Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol shall also do fine for this purpose if you want to remove old drawings from your books or your car seat covers.

Pencil marks are etched on the surface

Pencil marks are etched on the paper’s surface, making them hard to remove. And if you try hard to rub off penciled text and marks, they further get inscribed into the paper making it more difficult to erase. Apart from rubbing,

there are many other things by following which you can easily remove these stubborn pencil marks and make your paper look as good as new. Here is a way how to remove pencil marks from the paper:

The first step is to loosen up the glue that holds down the graphite leads in the mechanical pencil lead holder so that when you write over old lines, they don’t leave much of an impression. Once this has been done, it is advisable not to draw over the text with fresh sharpened leads.

If you want to reuse a sheet of paper, all you have to do is press it on an iron that will remove the paper’s pencil marks, leaving your old text intact. You can also use baby oil on these drawings, slowly scrape off or wait for some time, and then rub it with cotton balls. This process takes some time but eventually works well.

Another great way that can be used to erase pencil markings from paper is by using a hairdryer as this gently blows hot air across the affected area, thereby erasing away any traces left behind when using pencils. You can even try ironing them but better not overheat them as there are chances that something else might get burnt down.

Certain chemicals are available in the market, like ‘rubbing alcohol’ or ‘nail polish remover’. These are great agents for rubbing out pencil lines from paper. Nail polish remover is affordable and can be bought from any general store, so there is no need to spend much money for this purpose unless you want better quality results.

You may as well try one chemical at a time before trying any other alternative methods that involve rubbing, ironing, etc., depending upon what works best for you.

People don’t know that you can remove pencil marks from a paper by using ordinary dry bread. All you have to do is rub a slice of bread on the lines, do it gently and see how well-read the ink disappears. The same method can be used for white-out, also known as liquid paper, which new technologically advanced products have now replaced in the market.

Precautions While Removing Pencil marks From Paper:

Applying Solvent on Colored Papers
  • Take extra care when applying solvent on colored papers since it might leave stains behind
  • The best thing about this method is that it won’t affect the color quality of your paper, as seen in some cases where other methods fail. Try this if you want to carry out this process without harming the quality of your paper.
  • If you want to make sure whether the technique works for removing the pencil mark, try practicing on a scrap piece of cloth or any fabric that resembles the color of your paper. It works for every type of pencil. In addition, the technique can be applied to both colored and plain papers.
  • Do not apply solvent on papers having weak colors since it might make them fade away with time.
  • Avoid using this method on sketching Papers, Bristol board, newsprint, or any other similar type of paper since it could leave a rough surface behind. In addition, such type of paper needs extra care while performing any cleaning process.


There are many other ways to remove pencil marks from paper, depending on the type of material used for writing and whether it will work well. No panic is needed if you make a mistake while using your mechanical pencil.

There are certain techniques by following which we can easily erase away without any additional cost. I hope this article was helpful enough for you to understand how to remove pencil marks from paper. Go ahead and check out these simple but very effective steps now!

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