How to Refill a Papermate Mechanical Pencil


Papermate mechanical pencils are considered one of the best types of pencils because they are easy to use and comfortable. A simple click of the top is needed to expose more lead for writing or drawing purposes. In addition, durable metal parts allow these mechanical pencils to last longer than most, making them highly sought after by students everywhere.

Even though Papermate has discontinued this model, there are still many uses for it, so it’s important not to throw away your old pens just yet! In this article, I will discuss how to refill a Papermate mechanical pencil. So let us get started.

How to Refill a Papermate Mechanical Pencil

Stepwise Guide on How to Refill a Papermate Mechanical Pencil:

Tools you will need:

-1 Papermate Mechanical Pencil

-Lighter/Burning tool

-Sharp Knife or Scissors

-Transparent Tape (Optional)

Step 1 :

The first thing you need to do is, use a sharp knife or scissors and carefully puncture a hole at the center of the eraser (i.e., where typically we erase our mistakes). Ensure that you don’t make it too big as then the lead would fall out easily.

Once done, extract all the lead from inside and discard them properly. You can even opt for discarding it into a dustbin but ensure there are no kids (or pets) nearby. Also, could you not throw them on the fire? This will burn down your house.

Refilling the lead

Step 2 :

Next, you need to refill the lead. Please get a new pencil, and instead of directly refilling it, puncture a small hole in its head where the lead is usually placed inside. Now fill the lead inside by carefully holding one side of it and filling lead from another side so that you can have an equal share of all the leads.

Once filled, plug this opening using a transparent tape or hot glue gun (if available). In case you are using a hot glue gun, ensure that it does not get into contact with your skin as it can be excruciating to take it off, especially if used on sensitive areas such as eyes!

Step 3 :

Now place this whole thing back in your old Papermate pen. Insert the refill in such a way that the lead you just refilled is placed at the top. Now, push it in by twisting it gently. The refill should get locked inside, and it shouldn’t make any difference if you are using a pencil or pen; both work.

Step 4 :

Now place the eraser back to its place (but not correctly) because you will be pressing on it for further steps. Also, ensure that no part of the refill pops out from anywhere during this process; otherwise, your hard work will go into vain!

Next, press down on the eraser gently but with enough force to let the ink flow through (and thus leave marks); if there’s no movement after 10-15 seconds, press harder until there is!

Step 5 :

That’s all! You have successfully done an amazing job by refilling your Papermate Mechanical Pencil! Now get yourself some high-quality pencils for writing or drawing and surprise everyone with how great you are.

Precautions While Refilling a Papermate Mechanical Pencil:

1) Make sure you have a fresh sharpener.

2) Take out the eraser under the cap of your refilled pencil.

3) You are working with lead, not ink or graphite. Keep them away from children and wash hands after use.

4) The more worn down the tip, the easier it will be to refill.

5) Cutaway or sand down the metal pieces that are not supposed to be there.

6) Be patient. It may take a few times before you get your refill right.

How to Repair a Papermate Mechanical Pencil?

Repairing a Papermate Mechanical Pencil

1. Empty the Papermate mechanical pencil fully by unraveling all of its components carefully.

2. Take a look at how the lead advances up and find which part is jamming it or causing problems in lead advancement.

3. If you have noticed that the springs are not working properly, replace them with new ones from your local hardware store or online retailers.

4. Clean out any debris that might be inside the pencil’s mechanism, using an old toothbrush and some water or solvents if needed to get rid of ink stains or debris from eraser shavings from previous refills. Be gentle as any excess force can cause damage to the internal mechanism of pencil parts such as gears etc.

5. If you observe that your Papermate mechanical pencil is not holding up the lead, then open it up and find out which parts might have been jammed or broken, and replace them with a brand new set from a local hardware store or online retailers.

For example, if you notice that the gears are completely loose and moving freely without being attached to any part of the shaft, then they need replacement. The eraser holder can also get stuck inside its base, so ensure that all components move smoothly after repairs have been made.

6. Assemble everything back perfectly in place according to how it was before dismantling steps 1-4 above.

Benefits of Using a Papermate Mechanical Pencil:

Mechanical Pencil is Perfect for straight-lining

-The lead is advance by clicking instead of twisting. This is useful while doing work that requires so much precision and little movement, such as math problems

-The lead size can be changed instead of buying a new pencil each time the lead size needs to be adjusted.

Mechanical pencils tend to produce straighter lines than wood pencils or pens because of their shape and lightweight design. Perfect for straight-lining!

Mechanical pencils are easier on your hand when writing, causing less fatigue, allowing you to write longer without getting tired. (I always thought this was just an excuse students give for using mechanical pencils!) However, now I realize this might actually be true! Who knew!

Mechanical pencils are much more likely to break than wood pencils, so they come with built-in erasers. This saves money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying new pencils when the lead breaks or the eraser gets worn down.

However, many people who prefer using mechanical pencils (such as myself) like these types of pencils for this very reason! It allows them to fix their mistakes easily and quickly without having to stop working on whatever project they are currently focused on. Plus, it gives your fingers a little break from gripping a wood pencil all day long!


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to refill a Papermate mechanical pencil. Ensure all the safety precautions while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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