How to Remove Pressure Marks From Leather Bag

Leather is a beautiful material that can be enhanced with the proper care. Unfortunately, the leather bag you’ve been eyeing for months may have some pressure marks on it, and you’re not sure how to remove them.  In this blog post, we’ll show you how to remove pressure marks from leather bags so you can keep using your favorite bag without worrying about ruining it.

How to Remove Pressure Marks From Leather Bag

The rubbing alcohol removes all the stains while also cleaning up any dirt or grime from your bag’s surface. It’s important to note that it doesn’t leave any residue, so don’t worry about messing anything up. Toothpaste has more abrasive texture than rubbing alcohol, making it perfect if those pesky brown spots won’t budge.

10 Ways on How to Remove Pressure Marks From Leather Bag

1. Apply Toothpaste:

Apply the toothpaste to the surface of your bag. Allow a few minutes for it to set in and start working its magic. The excess paste can be wiped off with a clean, damp cloth. Then, using your hands (not nails), rub all over the affected area until you notice the marks starting to fade. If this method doesn’t work for your bag, try using a bar of soap.

2. Use Nail Polish Remover:

Follow the instructions on your specific brand of nail polish remover to remove the pressure marks from your leather bag. A cotton ball will be beneficial here, so you don’t get any on the rest of the surface of your bag or stain it with the nail polish remover. Again, be very careful to avoid getting any on your hands or clothes.

3. Apply A Cream Remover:

Using a clean cloth, apply the cream remover in small circular motions starting from the middle of the pressure mark until you’ve gone over the entire affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes, and do not rub it in. Use soap and water to wipe off the cream remover and repeat until you can no longer see any of the pressure marks.

Apply A Cream Remover

4. Wipe It With A Dry Eraser Marker:

Rubbing alcohol is a great way to remove stains from leather bags, but the process is extremely time-consuming because you have to keep rubbing and waiting for the mark to fade. If you’re in a hurry, grab a dry erase marker instead, which is great because it will remove the stain immediately without any additional rubbing or waiting.

5. Rub With A Bar Of Soap:

Apply some soap on your hands and rub against the surface of your bag until the pressure marks are gone. Next, rinse your bag with water and wipe the soap off with a clean cloth to remove any residue.

6. Rub With Baking Soda:

If you have baking soda on hand, it can be an alternative to toothpaste for removing those pesky pressure marks from leather bags. Mix the baking soda with enough water until you get a thick paste. Then, wipe it on the affected area and repeat until you can no longer see any pressure marks.

7. Use An Orange Wood Stick:

If your bag is old enough to have wooden handles, placing an orangewood stick inside of its hole is a great way to prevent rips from sliding your hand in and out. If you’ve already gotten a rip in your bag, rub the orangewood stick inside of the hole while pulling to remove any pressure marks.

8. Erase It With A Pencil:

Apply a little bit of pressure to the pencil on the surface of your bag until you see some indentions. Then, use the eraser to rub any remaining stain until it is completely gone. If there are many stains, it may be more time-consuming than using other methods that only take a few minutes.

9. Use Soap And Water:

Apply a little bit of soap to your hands and rub it against the surface of your bag until you’ve covered the entire affected area with soap. Then, rinse your bag with water. Finally, wipe off any residue with a clean cloth.

10. Apply Lemon Juice:

If you’re in a hurry or your hands are too clean for the toothpaste and rubbing alcohol, grab some lemon juice. This is an easy last resort to remove the pressure marks from leather bags if nothing else works. Pour a little lemon juice on the area of your bag where there are pressure marks until it starts to dry.

Apply Lemon Juice

Tips for Removing Pressure Marks From Leather Bag

All the leather bags will acquire pressure marks over a period of time. However, if this happens before you place any heavy items in it, then there is no need to panic as they are easy to remove using the below-suggested tips:

  • You can easily get rid of these marks by rubbing a mixture of olive oil and baking powder on them.
  • Before rubbing the mixture on the marks, first of all, remove all old polish and dirt from the bag using a soft cloth or mild soap and water.
  • You need to rub this mixture on the pressure marks with light circular movements for about 15 minutes before leaving it to dry naturally in the open air (preferably in direct sunlight).
  • While rubbing this mixture on the pressure marks, do not forget to remove all powder from the rest of the bag.
  • If these marks are very stubborn and have been there for a long time, you can also try another solution like lemon juice or vinegar in place of baking powder.
  • After applying this mixture, leave it on the pressure marks for not more than two hours before you wash the leather bag with clean water.
  • Do not forget to always keep a soft cloth with you that can remove marks at any point in time.
Always Keep a Soft Cloth


There are many ways to remove pressure marks from leather bags. If you have a stain on your bag, it is best not to try and use the same cleaning method that caused the damage in the first place – instead, follow these methods mentioned in this blog on how to remove pressure marks from leather bag for an effective way to clean stains without causing more harm. 

One of our favorite methods is using lemon juice diluted with water followed by a small amount of dish soap and then wiping it off afterward. This should help get rid of any discolorations or dirt buildup on your bag! We hope this has been helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to come back if there’s anything else we can do for you!

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