How to Remove Printer Ink From Paper Without Damaging the Paper

How to Remove Printer Ink From Paper Without Damaging the Paper

Printer ink is notoriously difficult to remove from paper. Have you ever tried washing your hands with soap and water after handling an envelope or report that was printed on a laser printer? This is why most people use copiers for print jobs rather than printers because it’s so hard to get rid of the ink. But don’t worry, with these simple steps mentioned in this blog post, anyone can remove ink without damaging the paper! 

The following blog post will discuss removing printer ink from a paper without damaging the paper. This is a problem that many people run into when they are trying to complete paperwork or important documents, but it can be an easy fix with the right knowledge and supplies. We’ll review what you need to clean up this problem and how to avoid making this mistake in the future.

10 Effective Ways to Remove Printer Ink from Paper:

1. Apply Nail polish remover:   

If you have an ink stain on your paper, you can use a nail soak-off remover like Sally Hansen or Breeze to remove it. All you need is an old cloth, cotton swab, and a small cup of acetone, which you can get from your local hardware shop.

Dip the cotton into acetone and dab it firmly onto the stain until all of the ink has been removed.   If the stain remains, dip another cotton swab into acetone and carefully blot it out of the paper.

2. Acetone:

Acetone is an organic compound that’s really effective in removing different types of stains like ink stains on different surfaces, especially on fabrics like cotton clothes or bed sheets, etc., and in removing ink stains from paper. Mix an equal amount of acetone and dish detergent in a little bowl, and then apply this solution with the help of cotton swabs on the stain until all the ink is removed. 

If some excess ink stain is still visible, soak a clean cloth in water and add a little salt to it. Gently dab the cloth onto the visible ink stains for about a couple of minutes, and then wipe it off with another clean, dry cotton cloth.

3. Alcohol:

Alcohol can quickly remove ink stains from paper; however, there are certain side effects. If not removed immediately, it may damage or eat away the paper because when the alcohol evaporates, it leaves a water-attracting residue behind.

Take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the stained area with the help of a little amount of alcohol in it. You can also soak a cotton swab in alcohol and dab it onto the stain until all ink is removed from the paper.

4. Use Razor or Blade:

Use a Blade

Just like the nail polish remover, you can use shaving cream to remove an ink stain on the paper. It acts as a wetting agent and as a softening agent for the ink so that it gets easily removed from the paper. To do this, take a little amount of shaving cream in your palm and apply some pressure on the stained area. Now, gently use a blade or razor to scrape off the ink from the paper surface.

5. Use Heat:

If an ink stain is allowed to stay on the paper for a long time, then it becomes tough to remove it without damaging the paper. However, you can still use heat to do so. First, take a piece of wax paper and place it over the ink stain. Now, use a hot iron to press it gently.

The heat from the iron will allow the wax paper to absorb the ink without damaging the paper underneath it. You can also cover an ink stain with a slightly wet cloth and then run a hot hairdryer on it as it will allow the hot air to pass through the cloth, evaporating all of the ink from your paper.

6. Apply Rubbing Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove ink stains from the paper easily. Just take a clean cotton rag and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Now apply this onto the stain until all of the ink is removed from your paper.

7. Cover with Tape or Fluid:

If the ink stain is still wet and soft, you can cover it with tape or a thin layer of paint. Another option is to use a fluid-based makeup that will keep the stain from spreading further on your paper.

8. Use Sandpaper:

To remove a spot of excess ink from the paper, take a piece of fine sandpaper and gently rub it over the ink stain. You can also use steel wool or a pumice stone for this purpose because both are too hard to remove hard stains from paper.

9. Use Toothpaste:

You can also use toothpaste to clean your ink-stained paper without damaging or eating away the paper’s surface. First, apply a little amount of toothpaste over the stain and then gently massage it with your fingertips till all of the ink has been removed from your paper. After that, use clean water to rinse away the toothpaste and then pat dry this area on your paper with a clean cloth or tissue.

10. Use WD-40:

WD-40 is one of the most useful tools for removing ink stains from paper. You can spray it directly onto the stain or use a clean cotton ball to apply it over the stained area. But make sure you do this before the ink dries up completely because if you try to remove an already dried-up ink stain, it will leave a bigger hole in the paper.

Can You Remove Permanent Ink From Paper?

This might sound like a trivial question, but the answer might surprise you. While it’s possible to remove permanent ink from paper with an acetone-based cleaner (nail polish remover), doing so will damage the paper and leave you with a mess that requires further work to regain the material’s original appearance. On the other hand, permanent ink is semi-permanent and can be removed with a few steps and patience.

Why and How does Ink Dries on Paper?

Why and How Ink Dries on Paper

Ink is composed of dyes, packaged in such a way as to allow it to react with the paper fiber. When ink is applied to paper, it spreads across the material’s surface and becomes trapped within the fibers. The dye is then exposed to oxygen in the air, triggering a chemical reaction that causes the ink to harden. Once this occurs, the paper cannot be made clean again.

You can use water-based markers on paper with no problems. However, other types of pens will result in stains that are not removable. If you have used permanent or semi-permanent ink on paper you want to clean, the only way to make it good again is to remove the ink with an ink-removing solution.


It is possible to remove printer ink from a paper without damaging it, but it can be hard. The key to successfully removing printer ink stains on paper is finding a way that works for you and your budget. With all of these options available, you will surely find one that will work well for your situation!

The tips we’ve provided in this blog should help you know how to remove printer ink from a paper without damaging the paper. You can also try using an eraser or a dry cloth if that doesn’t work for you. If none of these methods are working, don’t hesitate to contact us, and our team will be happy to provide professional assistance with removing stubborn printer ink from any surface.

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