How to Remove the Paper from Plexiglass

When we are planning to use plexiglass for the decoration of our house, then it is quite evident that the plexiglass comes attached with a paper at the back, and peeling off the paper is much tiresome. This happens because the paper remains firmly attached to the glass using string adhesives. So today we will suggest to you the manner on how to remove the paper from plexiglass, this will be much helpful for the beginners to learn.


For detaching a paper from the plexiglass, many methods can be followed. All of these methods are very easy to perform, and they are quite helpful and efficient. Among them, we have shortlisted the three most important ones that you can perform using local elements. These methods are stated below.

Hair-Drier Method

Our first method is based on using a hair drier for the entire process. We know that the paper at the back of the plexiglass remains firmly attached opt the glass, and when you try to pull it, their an uneven attachment of the paper. For this reason, at first, we will use hair direr. The hair drier will be blown all over the surface of the plexiglass.

Next, you have to wait for a minute; the hot air of the hair drier will soften the paper and the glass’s adhesive attachment. And then you can quickly start to peel off the paper from the back. You will observe that it has become much less attached to the glass and can easily be peeled off from the surface. In this manner, you can detach the paper from a glass.

Hair-Drier Method

Dowel Method

In this method, you have to use a hair drier as well as a dowel. The dowel will provide a certain rigidity to the while peeling the paper off. The primary process is quite the same as the previous one. You have to clean the back of the paper then and adequately apply hair drier all over the surface, then when the paper starts to come off, you use a dowel and circle the paper round the dowel. Then slowly moving the dowel from one edge to another edge will provide you the paper detached from the glass. This is quite an easy process with less effort.

Olive Oil Method

In this method, you will need tissue paper and olive oil. You have to soak the tissue paper properly in olive oil and then apply the tissue paper all over the paper. You have to encircle the whole paper and make sure to put more effort on three edges, and then you have to take the plexiglass and let it dry for at least five to six minutes. After this, you will take a razor or blade and peel it off from the edge of the glass. Thus the paper will be easily detached.

Olive Oil Method


Lastly, we hope that the techniques we have mentioned here on peeling off the plexiglass have been beneficial to you as a learner, and the task will get much easier for you to perform. Happy crafting! Have a beautiful day!!

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