How to Repair Fabric Couch from Cat Scratches


Having a cat in our household is always an exciting matter, but sometimes they become ferocious and start scratching the furniture and upholsteries. This is quite common because cats undergo sudden physical changes that elicit such habits. For this reason, today, we will discuss two methods on how to repair the fabric couch from cat scratches. These methods will be much efficient for restoring the fabric of your sofas. These processes are described below.


• Method One

In our first method, we will need some essential elements. At first, you will need a pair of scissors. These are important for the whole process because the scissors will remove the excess amount of yarn. Then you will need some Elmer’s fabric glue. You can also use other convenient adhesives. Then you will need a needle; the size of the needle will grow much large in terms of regular upholstery needles. Once you have managed all these, you can start working. You have to start by cleaning the couch. For this, you will need ordinary cloth. You must be well aware of the type of fabric used in the material.

This should not be much rough, and then you have to use the scissor and start cutting the yarns that are visible on the outside of the couch. These should be removed because these are more prone to damage the sofa. Once you have cut all the yarns, you have to take the needle and start recovering the tracks. For this, you will need some Elmer’s fabric glue. You have to put some glue on the tip of the needle. You have to start pressing the needle on the scratches and then push it inside the fabric. In this manner the all the gaps will be sealed.

• Method Two

For this method, you will need a pair of scissors and a razor. It is better to use a three-blade razor like Gillette Mach3. This process is quite similar to the first method, but this is applicable for the couches which are not severely damaged by your cat. Sofas with minimal scratches can easily be fixed by this method. You have to start by cutting the excess yarns in the same manner. For this, you can use a small scissor, and you have to sue the tip of the scissor to cut the threads.

You have to be very careful while using the scissor, and the yarns should be appropriately removed.  After the thread is detached, you have to start using the razor, and you have to apply it gently on the surface of the couch. This will diminish the yarns that are pulled out due to scratching. After applying the razor for quite a few times, the sofa will be restored. You have to use the razor in a particular direction for this method.


Lastly, we hope the methods we have mentioned here will be much helpful for restoring the couch. You should be well aware of the damage that your cat has caused. According to the level of damage, you can choose the appropriate recovering method. The beginners can efficiently perform these techniques. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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