How to Replace an Elastic Waistband With a Drawstring

Here’s just an easy small garment fix that I built to repair whenever the elastic waistband adjustable strap (or hoodie sweater string items) falls out from the loop in which they are intended to remain. I spent a lot of time whining at myself for not wrapping the edges correctly in wider circles to prevent them from slipping through the cloth when all this occurred to the favorite older sweatshirt.

That move alone would allow it a moot point for the remainder of this guidance! However, if you’re including me and you created this error often, later on in a set of workout shorts, help arrives! Via yourself.

Required equipment:


The task would be to seek an angular, skinny, and lightweight needle-like item. I came across the middle ink item in my ballpoint after ransacking my home. With closely wrapped scotch tape, I detached it from the pen and attached it to the rubber.

Steadily moving the pen / elastic combination is essential, understanding when to press again you include whenever to loosen up. When you start drawing the route across the waistband, careful of snags in which the cloth left just a little gap between the drawstring sewing and digging via the material rather than going down the path of the elastic line.

I find that the strategy of bunching functions quite well. I forced the cloth over the ballpoint with one side, then used the other arm to draw it all through. You may genuinely arrive out again towards the far side. In the process, ensure to fix some extensive ties which you were so slow during the first instance to do.

And use all of your old clothing again. Not necessary: Sew along all the fabrics in the side seams if you want to protect the elastic to elastic strap to keep them from twisted. We assume that you will introduce drawstrings to the clothes like a real professional with the two methods shown in this guide!

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