How to Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Granite

Do you really want to know how to replace bathroom vanity top with granite? If yes, you need to follow this entire article because it could be the best possible solution for you!

Throughout this entire article, we will try to provide an overall step-by-step discussion on replacing the bathroom vanity top with granite so that you can easily understand the entire procedure and effectively perform the task without even requiring other’s help or support.

Not only that, but there are also some safety measures that you require to follow to have your work done flawlessly. We will also discuss those points in this context. If you are interested in studying in more detail, then read the rest of this article’s parts!

An Overall Overview of the Topic

Another vanity top can add style to your washroom stylistic layout. On the off chance that your washroom vanity looks scraped, too massive, or just not directly for your restroom, you can transform it.

Washroom vanity top establishment is tedious yet very simple. Then, you ought to get your realities clear about ledge establishment before carrying out this responsibility. If not maneuvered carefully, you may wind up breaking your vanity or ledge.

The Process of How to Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Granite

How to Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Granite

1. Clean bureau head of the trash. Level arrogance bureau, facet-to-side, the front to returned and slantingly. Shim as needed to level the bureau. Secure arrogance bureau to the divider.

2. Preliminary fit stone top, back, and end sprinkle on vanity bureau to guarantee the right measure. On the off hazard, that vanity bureau is constructed with a frameless structure consisting of front and back rails that had to stop the stone vanity pinnacle from bowing inside the middle. Common stone is substantial and needs good help.

3. Spot rock vanity pinnacle, cleaned side down, on even degree surface—clean residue and any surprising particles from round bowl sample to installation the surface for the established order. Unload under-mount bowl and spot on the head of the stone vanity top.

4. Alter the bowl’s centerline to the centerline of bowl pattern and imprint its region by scribing a line around it—practice round 3/8 inch globule of glue to the bowl’s edge.

5. After applying the cement, set the bowl set up, adjusting it to the centerline on the copyist line made beforehand. At the point when the bowl is precisely adjusted, apply silicone caulk to the external edge of the bowl for making a watertight seal. Easily overabundance glue/caulk from bowl and rock vanity pinnacle.

6. Do not over-fix. Permit cement to dry as indicated by the cement producer’s guidelines.


We believe by following all the steps mentioned above, you can successfully learn how to replace bathroom vanity top with granite. Remember to maintain all the precautionary measurements correctly to avoid any accidents and messes. If you could manage yourself to do so, then you are good to go! Then let’s get started with the steps!

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