How to Replace Lamp on Mitsubishi TV


A TV Lamp is a type of fluorescent light that comes with the TV set. The lamp generally lives for the life of the TV set. Normal TV life is 10,000 hours of use. It means that the light must be replaced after 10,000 hours.

How to Replace Lamp on Mitsubishi TV

When the color bars appear to look like rainbows or there are dark patches on-screen (blocking a portion of the image) at any time during operation – Replace the Lamp immediately as it is likely you have already passed 10,000 hours without replacement and therefore will continue getting worse until it fails to cause picture failure and possible serious damage to Television Set which may include possible startup problems etc. In this article, I will discuss how to replace lamps on Mitsubishi TV.

Features and Functions of TV Lamp

  • The lamp is used to illuminate the whole screen to produce excellent picture quality.
  • The lamp provides optimum color balance on the screen. Therefore, it plays an important role in producing images.
  • The LED backlighting in this TV provides for a better contrast ratio, as the bulb glows brighter or dimmer depending upon the incoming image signal level from your device/display card. This results in crystal clear pictures without any distortion or noise, unlike CCFL-based LCDs used in some other brands of TVs where text may have slight blurriness around edges due to incorrect illumination caused by the wrong polarized CCFL voltage being applied for their panel.
  • The lamp comprises a fluorescent tube that converts electrical energy into light. It is called a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp.
  • It also requires a steady and stable power supply for long hours of operation while playing movies etc. Also, it does not require lifetime replacement like in the case of CCFL-based LCDs.

Why Does the Lamp Need to Be Replaced?

As you use your TV, the lamp slowly loses brightness because of usage and time, which results in the darkening or dimming of images on the screen over a few months. So it is necessary to replace your TV’s lamp after various periods of usage depending upon its brand/model/age etc.:

  • For most brands, a typical lifetime of a TV bulb is 1000 – 1500 hrs (which means 1.5 – 2.5 years for 8 hrs/day viewership). But it might also depend on the brand and model of your TV. For example, a new LED TV can have a lamp life of up to 25000 hours which is 5 – 6 years for 8 hrs/day usage!
  • If you leave the brightness always setting at Full or 100% all the time (correspondingly decrease its contrast settings) without reducing brightness manually from time to time along with day-night light changes etc., then it may reduce its lifetime sooner than expected because of high temps, as well as the use of bright screens, harms any lamp faster than low temp and lower screen background lighting conditions;
  • if you view programs mostly through cable TV signal (cable operator box) or using DVD player, VCR, etc. with higher color settings, then it may reduce the lamp’s lifetime faster than expected because of higher colors as compared to normal programs;
  • If you use your TV for watching movies mostly during late-night hours (10 PM -12 AM) and/or don’t dim the screen brightness manually from time to time during the daytime, then also it may reduce your lamp’s lifetime; d) Also if you use your set for gaming or PC viewing most of the time then again it can reduce its life due to more usage, high temps and brighter screens.
Use a TV Lamp

Step-wise Guide on How to Replace Lamp on Mitsubishi TV

When the LCD of your TV becomes dull, it is caused by the growth of dust and cobwebs on its screen. The result is a gradual loss in picture quality. And if you are looking for ways to avoid this problem, then replace the lamp as soon as possible with our step-wise guide on how to replace the Mitsubishi TV lamp below:

We all know that television lamps deplete quickly because of continuous usage for several hours daily. When your set’s lamp gets exhausted, it will dim down until it eventually goes off completely.

However, with proper maintenance, your TV lamp should provide you with approximately 1000 hours’ worth of light before needing replacement. Now, you can opt to replace the TV lamp by yourself or take it to a certified technician. Below is the step-wise guide on how to replace your TV lamp accordingly.

  • Unplug the power cord of your Mitsubishi television set and wait for 10 minutes before touching anything inside it. 
  • After finishing applying these precautionary steps, unscrew all visible screws from the backside of your Mitsubishi Television Set. Also, detach all wires connected to any other parts of your display (like a speaker, mic, etc.)
Unplug the power cord
  • Gently pull up each screen panel to remove the cover of your LCD/LED Screen.
  • Carefully remove the dust particles using a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush.
  • Make sure to remove the screws from both ends of your digital display and remove them completely.
  • Place down your LCD screen on a flat surface by removing its light source bulb (cathode ray tube).
  • Unscrew the metal shield that protects the lamp using a screwdriver, after which you will have access to the old lamp.
  • Now gently replace your old lamp with a new one by pushing it in properly to avoid damaging the TV’s parts or components.
  • After installing the new lamp, place all cover screens back to their exact positions and secure them with original nuts and screws.
  • You can now power on your Mitsubishi TV again by plugging back its power cord into the original socket.
  • Have your display re-calibrated. Sometimes, even after replacing the lamp of your Mitsubishi Television and reinstalling it properly, you still get less or no picture at all on its screen. In such a case, what you can do is calibrate your TV’s display again to fix this issue once and for all. With proper calibration, your television set will provide you with better colors than before, along with brighter whites and darker blacks, to give you an overall improved viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Is the Reset Button on a Mitsubishi Dlp Tv?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as the reset button may depend on the model of the television. However, the reset button is generally located on the front of the television. When resetting the television, you must press and hold the power button for about two seconds. This will reset the television and restore its factory settings.

What Does It Mean When the Lamp Light Comes on a Mitsubishi Tv?

When the lamp light comes on on a Mitsubishi TV, it means that the TV is ready to be used. This is done by the TV turning on and displaying the setup screen.

What Does the Orange Light Mean on a Mitsubishi Tv?

When you are watching TV, and the orange light comes on, this usually means that there is a problem with the TV. The orange light usually means something is wrong with the video or audio circuits. If the orange light goes out, then the TV should work normally.

Use a Power Tools

Why Does My Mitsubishi Tv Keep Shutting Off?

This can be an alarming problem, as it is difficult to troubleshoot and fix when it occurs. While there are many potential causes, the most common reason why TV shut off is due to a power surge. When this happens, the TV’s internal circuitry can become fried, leading to a loss of image and sound. In addition, the TV’s internal components may also overheat and cause it to shut off.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you have a surge protector installed in your home. This will protect your electronics from any sudden bursts of power and will also ensure that the TVs are not damaged in the process. If you are still experiencing problems with your TV, it is best to bring it in for repairs.


I hope this article has helped provide all the information regarding how to replace the lamp on Mitsubishi TV. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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