How to Replace Pool Table Pockets

Having a pool table at the house means fun times when you are bored or with your friends. But over the time of using it for too long, you will start to notice that the board has some damage. The damage could be anywhere, but one thing you are bound to face is that the pockets are torn apart. If you do not get to fix the bags, you know you will not feel good playing at the pool table. So, that is why we will tell you how to replace pool table pockets.

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Learn: How to Replace Pool Table Pockets

No matter how carefully you try to take care of your pool table, it is bound to get some damage over time. And most of the damage has to be around the pockets. As the pockets bear all the hits and the weight of the balls, they will start to get loose and eventually tear at a time.

Before you learn how to replace pool table pockets, you need to understand the pockets and how they are made. The pockets are made out of leather material. As for leather, it will get dry and tear after a while, and with the bounce of the balls, there is no saving for them.

If you look online, you may find various DIY projects for repairing pockets. These may involve taking an extra piece of cloth, sewing it on, and using a zip tie. However, these solutions are only temporary, and you will have to change them again in the future. A replacement of the pockets is a more sustainable solution.

You might be thinking about replacing the whole pool table. But there is no need for that. You do not have to buy a new table to get the pockets like before. But you can actually place the pockets to get them like they were. We will explain in a few steps how to properly replace the pockets so that you will not make any mistakes. Keep reading ahead to know everything.

Learn to Replace Pool Table Pockets

Things You Will Need

As you can already tell, it will not be easy to do the whole thing. You will need to use your concentration and skills to be done with the work. Before anything, you will have to find out all the necessary equipment you will have to use for replacing the pockets.

Useful leather pockets, you can find them in stores. All you have to do is get the quality right.

Screwdriver or electric drill

With these two tools, you can finish the whole project in a minimal time.

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Steps to Follow

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Step 1

The first step in replacing pool table pockets is to find out how many pockets need to be replaced. If only one bag has been torn, you can just replace it. If you want, you can replace all of them if you feel like they will be unusable within soon. You need to decide if you’re going to replace all of them or some of them before you start to move any further.

Step 2

Now that you know how many replacements you need, you need to unscrew the screws underneath the table holding the pockets. To do that, you need to figure out how many screws there are. After that, you need to find a suitable machine to do the screws. You can use a screwdriver or an electric drill to get your job. Whichever way you prefer!

Step 3

Now you have to undo more screws. This time you may need to use another person’s help. First, you will need to find all the twelve bolts underneath the side and end of the table. You will have to unjoin the rails to get the pocket out and again put them in. After you are done with the screws, you have to lift up the first portion, and there you can use another person’s help.

Step 4

Now that you have gotten the old pockets out of the way. You need to find out the new version of the pockets. We believe you will prepare the new bags before starting the project. As you already know that the pockets are made of leather, it is always better to use leather for the new ones. If you use other materials, you may need to replace them again in the future too soon. Also, you cannot think of adding some aid to the old ones and using them again. This will not allow you to play on the pool table for too long. Getting new ones is the best solution for this purpose.

Step 5

Get the new pockets in the right place and start to screw them again to the right place. You can use glue to get them to stick to the site properly if you feel like it. You need to screw them carefully not to cause any extra damage to them. Tighten the screw as hard as possible after you are done with the pockets, outback the joins like before. And your pool table is back to the original.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to replace pool table pockets. You must replace the pocket as soon as possible. Playing pools is not fun when the balls roll around the ground after successfully putting them inside the pocket. That ruins all the fun, and you will have to worry about losing the balls. So, if you are done with the replacement, you can play peacefully for as long as possible. Hopefully, our help you be enough for you to figure out everything you need to for replacing the packets.

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