How to Straighten a Pool Cue

Playing pool is one of the best choices for pastime. A lot of people play it passionately, and some play it for fun. So, if you are intended to play pool and to try to pick your favorite cue that has been lying around somewhere, you might probably face a problem. You may see that it has bent a bit. It happens if you are regularly playing with it. That is one of the opposing perspectives of having a wooden cue. So, if you want to know how to straighten a pool cue, keep reading ahead.

How to Straighten a Pool Cue 2

How to Know if the Cue is Bended or Warped?

Before you can learn how to straighten a pool cue, you need to know the way of finding if it is bent or not. Sometimes the cue can have a visible bend, and sometimes it would be so less that you need to detect properly for knowing. So, how do you do that?

Take your cue to start the process. You need to find a flat surface that has good lighting around the area. That will help you to detect everything properly. Place the tip of the cue on the body and hold its end in one hand. Now, look straight from the back to the direction of the cue. If you can see the tip in a straight line, then your cue is straight. But if you cannot, then it is a warped or bend, and you need to know how to straighten a pool cue.

Learn: How to Straighten a Pool Cue

If you can see the tip in a straight line, then your cue is straight

To straighten the pool cue, you need to use a method to make the wooden cue straight itself. You can always use a cue straightener instead of following this method. But in case you do not have a straightener, then you can use this.

The things you need for the task are-

  • A clamp
  • Heavy string
  • Water
  • A damp place

First, you need to find a place that is away from any kind of sunlight. The more the area is moist and dampen, the better and faster the result you will get. You will need to find a way to hand the clamp from a high place.

Now, take the clamp and attach the heavy string on it. What you need to do is, tie the string with the clamp on the item. After you have secured them properly, you need to dampen the wooden cue with water and hang it for several days.

You Need to Find a Place That Is 
Away From Any Kind of Sunlight

What will happen is that, once the wooden cue is dampened, it will become loose and start to go back to its previous form, which was straight. That is the right side of using a wooden cue. After several days or even hours, you will see that it is straightened. Check out if the work is done by the process mentioned above.

What Causes a Pool Stick to Warp?

There are a few causes of pool stick warping. The most common is that the pool stick was not properly stored when it was not in use. If the pool stick is not properly stored, it will absorb moisture from the air, and this will cause it to warp.

Another common cause of pool stick warping is using a pool stick that is too hard or too soft. When a pool stick is too hard, it can cause indentations on the surface of the wood. When a pool stick is too soft, it can cause the wood to swell and eventually warp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Warped Pool Cue Be Fixed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to fix a warped pool cue will vary depending on the severity of the warp and the skill level of the individual who is attempting to fix it. However, some tips that may help include using a straight edge or ruler to make sure that all of the wood is even, sanding down any rough edges or bumps, and using wood glue or joint compound to seal the repairs.

Do Pool Cues Come With Tips?

No, pool cues do not come with tips. Pool cues are designed to be hit with a flat hand, and the thicker the tip, the harder it is to hit the ball squarely. A cue with a thinner tip will bend more easily and result in a softer shot.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to straight a pool cue. There are few other ways to straighten them, and some will take less time, but if you have no other option, you can always use this method.

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