How to Revive a Sharpie without Alcohol


Sharpies are crucial for writing. You can use them to write on the surface where ordinary ink does not work correctly. Specifically, for reporting on plastic surfaces, sharpies are mostly used. But sometimes, after using it, we forget to close the lid, which makes the marker dry. And then it becomes difficult to use the marker. But disposing of the marker, in this case, is not a wise solution. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique on how to revive a sharpie without alcohol. This will be much efficient for you to make the marker usable.

How to Revive a Sharpie without Alcohol


In general, scenario alcohol is used to revive the markers. Still, it is harmful because alcohol is a highly flammable liquid, and specific criteria should be followed while using alcohol. For beginners, this is much difficult due to a lack of knowledge. Our research team has also obtained information about specific injuries while using alcohol in restoring the marker ink. The surrounding environment plays a vital role in this regard, and there should be an adequate amount of airflow in the room.

Assessing such situations, we have shortlisted a technique that does not require alcohol use, and this is much safe to follow. For this process, you will need water and plastic tape. You can also use scotch tape. We can find two types of markers in the shops: a thin nip and the other with a thick nip. For both types of markers, the process is quite the same. At first, you have to apply some water on the nip if the sharpie. But you must be very careful became the water should be involved in a contained amount.

Excessive use of water can damage the entire system. So there is a rule for applying water. You need to sprinkle some water on the nip for the markers with a small nip, and for the makers with a thick nip, you have to use slightly more water than the thin nip. The addition of water to the nip will make it wet, and the dryness of the nip will be gone, but it is a temporary solution. To make it permanent, you have to retain the water in the nip. So after the addition of water, you have to wrap the nip with plastic tape. This will refrain the water from getting dried.

Then you have to close the lid of the marker and wait for few minutes once the water is absorbed in the nip, you can start writing with the sharpie; besides, for the sharpies with a thick nip, you have to close the nip and keep the marker upside down for a few minutes. In this manner, you can quickly revive the sharpie without alcohol.


In conclusion, we hope that the technique we have mentioned here will surely help revive the dried-out sharpie. This is much important for beginners because this will allow them to learn something new. The people who are interested in DIY activities can also improve their skills by applying these techniques. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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