How to Set a Twin Bell Alarm Clock


It’s hard to wake up in the morning. And it’s even more complicated if you have an alarm clock that doesn’t work correctly. The most reliable type of alarm clock is the twin bell alarm clock. These types of alarms allow you to set two different times for when the notices should go off, one on each side of the bed, so you don’t have to get out of bed and turn off an annoying beeping sound!

How to Set a Twin Bell Alarm Clock

The only downside is that they can take a bit longer than other clocks to set up because there are more pieces involved. In this article, I will discuss how to set a twin bell alarm clock properly. So let us get into the main discussion.

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Set a Twin Bell Alarm Clock:

Setting up an alarm clock can be a tedious task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, once you start using this device regularly, setting it will be easier because your body would already recognize when you’ll hear its tunes or not. Here are the things that you need to do when setting up a twin bell alarm clock:

·     The first thing that you have to do is plug in all of its parts, including the power cord, radio antenna, radio signal receiver, and earphone in your desired location in your bedroom. Make sure that it’s far away from any possible obstructions such as walls or curtains.

·     After that, you have to set the correct time. Turn the hour hand until it points to the number on the clock that corresponds to the right time. Use a battery-operated wall clock for practicing first. Once you’re done with this, switch off its power and proceed to set up your twin bell alarm clock.

·     On your twin bell alarm clock, there should be a knob or dial which shows AM and PM; turn this so that both those signs are visible on top of one another as displayed on your radio signal receiver’s window. Make sure, though, that it is still displayed as 12:00 for both AM and PM because you’ll start adjusting this from now on.

·     Check if the alarm time is correct by turning the knob or dial on your twin bell alarm clock to match the current time. Switch off its power and turn it back on to make sure that everything works fine.

·     Now, you have to set the volume of your alarms. This can be adjusted by moving a lever either up or down, depending on how loud you want these to sound in your bedroom when activated.

·     Once all of these are completed, only one thing is left for you to do, which is setting up an alarm signal type from among those available in your twin bell alarm clock such as cuckoo, rooster crow, barking dogs, etc. In addition to this, check if there’s a timer feature present as well.

·     Once everything is done, switch off your twin bell alarm clock, and it should be ready for you to use daily.

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Precautions While Using a Twin Bell Alarm Clock:

Please ensure that the alarm clock is placed at a safe distance from your bed and other obstacles. Placing books, clothes, or any other object between the twin bells may interfere with the function of the twin bells.

In case you hear alarming bell sounds while using this alarm clock, please make sure to set up a safety zone around your bed and check under items such as furniture, tables, and cabinets before conducting an extensive search for missed objects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Advantages of Using a Twin Bel Alarm Clock?

Twin bell alarm clocks are the most sought-after alarms because of their unique features. Here are some of its benefits:

·     It has two bells, which means that it can wake up two people simultaneously. This is perfect, especially if you share a room with someone who might not be an alarm clock person.

·     The twin bell alarm clock will play your favorite tune to wake you up in the morning. You can either set it to radio or music; all you need to do is plug in your earphones and choose one of your preferred tunes.

·     By default, this device plays for about 60 minutes before waking its users up. This period will give them enough time to get out of bed and prepare for their daily routines.

Are Twin Bell Alarm Clocks Better Than Sharp Alarm Clocks?

If you look online, many articles claim that twin bell alarm clocks are better than sharp alarm clocks. At the same time, we won’t say that twin bells or sensitive alarms are better than the other what we will figure out who benefits more and why and how they compare to one another.

First, let’s start with what is a twin bell alarm clock? A twin bell alarm clock has two bells inside instead of just one, which means it can be twice as loud as a sharp alarm clock. They are very nostalgic because they were the kind of electronic devices used for many years before modern-day electronics existed but have recently made a resurgence in popularity due to their nostalgic appeal.

Most people don’t think sharp alarms became so popular because they were one of the first alarm clocks ever created. The reason that sharp alarms became so popular is that they are easy to set, and you can set multiple alarms with just a few button pushes which you would have to do manually on twin bells if you wanted them all to go off at different times.

Next, let’s look at why someone might benefit more from using twin bell alarm clocks over sharp alarm clocks? Well, it would depend on who is their audience is because there are some people who absolutely will not hear the beep of a normal loud electronic clock regardless of how loud it is or how many other alarms are going off at the same time, but may hear two bells chime instead. Obviously, this group would benefit more from twin bell alarm clocks.

Types of People Who Would Benefit More From Twin Bell Alarm Clocks:

Hear the Beeping of a Clock Alarm

– Those who Are Hard Of Hearing

People with a hearing impairment, especially if it is a gradual one, may not be able to hear the beeping of a clock alarm, but they could hear twin bells.   

– Those Who Prefer Things To Be Quirky

While some people don’t care what kind of alarm clock they have, others get pleasure from owning devices that are more quirky and unique over ones that are more plain and ordinary looking. This group would definitely benefit from owning twin bells instead of sharp alarms for this reason.

– Those Who Are Physically Weak

If you are someone who is physically weak and cannot reach the snooze button on an alarm clock, then there is no point in getting a clock that makes it easy to reach the snooze bar because you will never be able to use it. However, if you are capable of pushing buttons but your fingers don’t work well enough for small buttons like those on sharp alarms, then twin bell alarms may be right for you.

– Those Of Large Frame

People with larger frames often find sharp alarm clocks hard to hold down because their fingers don’t fit around the edges properly. Sharp alarm clocks also tend to be very lightweight which they can easily fall off tables or nightstands if they aren’t carefully placed down. However, Twin bell alarm clocks tend to be a little bit bigger and heavier, making them much more stable on tables or nightstands.


I hope this article has offered all the necessary instructions on how to set a twin bell alarm clock. Ensure all the precautions while setting the alarm. Thank you and have a nice day!

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