How to Sew a High Waist Flare Skirt

It can be hard to find a skirt that fits your waist. It’s also hard to find skirts in general!  This article will teach you how to sew a high waist flare skirt that can be worn for any occasion. You’ll only need one yard of fabric, so it’s perfect if you want something quick or on the cheap. 

How to Sew a High Waist Flare Skirt

If you are looking for a sewing project that is quick and easy, try this high waist flare skirt. With just two pattern pieces, it’s a great beginner sewing project or even something fun to do with your kids! 

8 Steps To Follow: How to Sew a High Waist Flare Skirt

Step 1:

Measure from the center front just above your knee (where you would like the top of your skirt) all the way down to where you would like your skirt hemmed (usually right before your ankle). Add two inches for seam allowance at each end of your measurement.

Step 2:

Cut out two rectangles with these measurements, making sure that they are slightly wider than what you measured by about an inch or so.

Step 3:

Fold up the bottom edge of your rectangle by one inch, and then fold it again so that you have a total of three folds. Sew along the first fold to secure the hem, but do not cut off any excess fabric at this time.

Step 4:

Now take your two rectangles, and pin them together with right sides facing each other (the hems should be on opposite sides). Next, sew around the entire rectangle, leaving a three-inch opening for turning. After sewing this seam, make sure to clip your corners and curves so that they lay flat once turned right side out.

Step 5:

Turn your skirt right side out, making sure not to push too much out of the way so that you don’t accidentally sew your opening shut. Next, iron down the seams to flatten them, and then topstitch around the perimeter of your skirt one inch from the edge (make sure not to sew over any part of your opening). You may want to reinforce this stitching line with some double thread or even two strands of thread.

Step 6:

After you have topstitched your skirt, it’s time to make the waistband. Using a two-inch-wide strip of double-fold bias tape (which you can make by sewing a regular piece of single-fold bias tape down the long sides), fold over ½” in from both ends before placing it around the waistline of your skirt. Pin it in place, and then sew all the way around with a ¼” seam allowance.

Step 7:

Now take the rest of your two-inch-wide bias tape and add ½” to a total of one inch, depending on how many flares you would like. Pin this piece all the way around the bottom hem of your skirt, leaving enough room to comfortably tuck in excess material (the finished waistband should be about four inches wider than your actual waist). Finally, sew the bias tape in place all the way around, making sure to backstitch at both ends so that it doesn’t come undone.

Step 8:

After you have finished sewing on a strip of bias tape, take another strip of single-fold bias tape and fold ½” from each end before pinning it around the bottom edge of your waistband. Make sure to backstitch both ends very well for this tape to stay in place, and finally, finish off your skirt with a sturdy top stitch all the way around.

(Note: If you ever want to remove the bias tape from your skirt, cut the tape again on the reverse side so that you can carefully remove it.)

5 Tips and Tricks When Wearing High Waist Flare Skirt

Dressing in a high-waist flare skirt can be daunting and tricky.  This doesn’t mean that you should only wear skirts with elastic waistbands or are just above knee length on the contrary! There are many different ways to dress up this trend, but these five tips will help make sure your outfit is on point.

1.  Wear a Crew Neck T-shirt or Tank Top Underneath Your High Waist Flare Skirt:

This shouldn’t be surprising, but this is the most basic yet important part of dressing in high-waisted skirts and pants; it’s the base for your outfit! You can wear anything from a simple black crew neck T-shirt to a statement-making chiffon blouse.  Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable, breathable and will help give your body shape when paired with the skirt.

2.  Wear Tall Heels or Sturdy Booties:

There’s nothing worse than having a great outfit but having it ruined by an awkward hemline. By wearing heels or sturdy boots that come up past your ankle, you can avoid the awkward length problem while still looking chic.

Wear Tall Heels or Sturdy Booties

3.  Wear Your Skirt with a Dark Top and Accent With Light Colored Accessories:

When styling a high-waist skirt, it’s important to keep your top dark or navy to avoid looking like you’re wearing a long skirt and short shirt.  You can also take this one step further by matching the hue of the bottom half of your outfit with your bag, shoes, or jewelry; you can even use the color of your lipstick as an accent!

4. Try a Wide Belt:

A wide belt is a great way to add structure and interest to any outfit, but it’s beneficial for ensuring that all eyes are on you when wearing a high-waist skirt.  Choose a colored belt that coordinates with your top or contrasts nicely with your skirt.

5. Avoid Short Skirts and Keep It Above the Knee:

Sometimes things can get a little confusing, but remember to keep it above the knee! You don’t want to be accused of wearing a long skirt and short shirt or looking like you’re wearing a long skirt and hot pants.  


Sewing a high waist flare skirt is an easy project that will have you looking like the chicest woman in town. If you need help with your sewing machine, we recommend checking out our blog on how to sew a high waist flare skirt to use it properly and safely. Once you get the hang of using your machine, follow the instructions to make this skirt style!

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