How to Turn Shorts Into a Skirt

Quite often, possessing the capacity to stitch, you have something nearly new depending on the method and the possibilities to convert into something entirely different. If you already own older trousers you don’t mind wearing, be prepared to join the realm of the reshaped skirt! You’ll have a set of tissue scissors, a needle and yarn, several yarns, and a few hours to enjoy designing the newest addition to the wardrobe.

How to Turn Shorts Into a Skirt 1


  • Start by splitting the legs at the edges, so the best-looking side is facing up. Then, cut along the groin area until it starts to curve.
  • To make a paper airplane, start by folding one piece of paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold the top corners down to the center of the paper so they meet in the middle. Next, fold the paper in half again, this time widthwise. Finally, fold the top of the paper down to the bottom, making sure the edges line up. Iron the airplane to make it smooth, and then it’s ready to fly!
  • I hadn’t even seen khaki shorts when I realized they would start making a high skirt immediately. Here are all the stages I took to transform pants into an adorable skirt – maybe you can use them too!
  • If it is not a straight line, flip the sides underneath to cover the frayed wires and pin to tie around.
  • Suggestion: When the break is so big, and it doesn’t reach all of you. To fit in the void, attach a sheet of content below as a third line.
  • Tie on the thighs, then sew back. Press both legs together on the single direction that you just split to create a unique base for your outfit. Thread around 1 “from the bottom, saving space for your backstitch. You could take out the extra material (width-wise) straight then if you want, or you could add it all and modify for in towards. Though if you’d prefer a split, don’t attach the backing to the top!
  • The backstitch is a type of stitching that is used to attach two pieces of fabric together. It is a strong stitch that can be used to mend ripped clothing or to make new clothing. To do a backstitch, you must first take the pattern of stitching that is already there and then follow it as closely as possible. You can do this by hand or with a tool, whichever is easier for you.
  • Once more, if you operate with two distinct halves, do that for both.
  • Stitch the crotch back and stitch up the old side.
  • Follow the same procedure on the opposite leg.
  • When the pants were initially too big or too lengthy, then start taking in the side seams or keep bringing up the hemline by the quantity preferred. Having put it on, figure out where you do want to reach your knee. Press it, taking it off, and you’re closer! Split it to the size needed, build your outline, and you’re finished!
  • There are two ways to finish the edge of a piece of fabric: you can either create a neat, finished edge, or you can split and deform the fabric to create a distressed look. To create a finished edge, flip the fabric under 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) and sew down the edges. To create a distressed edge, split and deform the fabric and attach it to another piece of fabric.
Transform Pants Into an Adorable Skirt

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