How to Shave in the Shower Without Clogging the Drain

Shaving in the shower can be a pain. The clogged drain, the wasted water, and the problematic cleanup are all downsides to this morning routine. But what if I told you there was an easy way to shave without any of those hassles? All you need is some shaving cream and your razor!

You may have heard that the best way to shave in the shower is to take a bath or use a shower stool. In this post, we’ll show you how to shave in the shower without clogging the drain and feel cleaner than ever before. 

How to Shave in the Shower Without Clogging the Drain

What Causes Clogging the Drain?

Shaving in the shower can cause clogged sinks. This is because when many men shave, small hair pieces can fall into the sink and cause a blockage. Even a tiny cut from shaving can cause a clog.

The main reason for shower drain clogs is the hair that sheds from the body when shaving, washing, and rinsing. Certain shampoos can also contribute to clogging by leaving behind too much residue in the pipes.

Another reason why the sink gets clogged is the shaving cream. If you try to shave in your shower, you will see lots of bubbles on top of the water. This can be a massive problem for your drain. The best way to prevent the problem from occurring is by taking a bath instead.

However, if you prefer to shave in the shower, then you can use a cheap soap or shampoo that will remove all the bubbles from the water.

What to Do When a Shower Drain Clogs?

When you notice your shower is draining slower than usual, it’s time to identify the problem. First, pull out the drain stopper and clear away any hair or soap scum that might be blocking the water flow. If this doesn’t solve the issue, remove as much as possible from the P-trap.

This is usually located below your shower drain, although hidden behind a wall or cabinet. Sometimes, you might need to use a chemical cleaner or snake if items have been flushed down the drain. Keep reading this blog post to know more about how to shave in the shower without clogging the drain.

What to Do When a Shower Drain Clogs

10 Ways on How to Shave in the Shower Without Clogging the Drain

1. Preventing Overflow

If you clean the P-trap daily, there’s little need for concern. Otherwise, place a plunger near the drain. If it overflows, use the plunger to plunge up and down until your shower works properly again.

2. Make Your Shower Drain Protector

A standard shower drain protector is a circular disk made of rubber and mesh, but they can be expensive to buy and difficult to install on some tubs and showers.

A fast and easy way to make your own homemade shower drain protector requires cutting the bottom off a plastic soda bottle (some people use a milk jug). Then, place it over the drain, trimming to fit as needed.

3. Shower Drain Strainer

Instead of buying an expensive shower drain strainer, you can make one yourself with pantyhose. Cut off both legs at about thigh length, then cut them up one side to create a mesh tube. Knot the mesh tube over the drain to catch hair.

4. Hair Catcher from a Disposable Razor

Disposable razors have an unfortunate downside: throwing them into the landfill. Instead of tossing your disposable razor in with regular trash, take off that little guard on the bottom and keep it in your shower for easy access. Next, cut the handle off at about mid-shaft. Then, use the head to create a hair catcher over your shower drain.

5. Homemade Hair Catcher

Don’t worry if you already have a shower drain strainer, but it’s full of hair and without a removable basket. Using rubber bands to attach the hose over the filter, you can still use it as a hair catcher.

6. Hair Catcher from a Muffin Tin

A three-tiered muffin tin is perfect for creating your hair catcher. This method allows you to create a custom fit and makes the most of your shower space by being able to stack them on top of one another.

7. Recycle an Old Rinse Cap

Don’t toss out that old shampoo or conditioner cap. Instead, sanitize it and use it as your hair catcher every day. You can also place an empty milk jug on the shower floor to catch hair before it goes down the drain.

8. Make a Lid for the Tub

If you’re showering and shaving in your main bathroom and then using the Tub to store things, make a lid out of plywood or even Plexiglas to keep hair from falling in when you shave. This way, you can store items like shampoo on one end of the Tub while shaving on the other end.

9. Plastic Bottle in the Shower

An empty two-liter plastic bottle is an excellent addition to your shower, whether you’re looking for a hair catcher or a handle. Cut the bottom off and spray paint with your favorite color to make it look nice, then add some water for balance when shaving.

10. Dish Pan Instead of Shower Curtain Rod

If your shower curtain rod is rusting or corroding, it’s time to invest in something new. Please remove the old metal curtain rod and replace it with a dishpan. Make sure to get rid of any sharp edges by sanding them down. If you like extra hooks, add them to the lip of the dishpan.

Tips to Prevent Shower Drain Clogs in the Future:

Tips to Prevent Shower Drain Clogs in the Future

There are ways you can prevent a clogged shower drain in the future. Here are some tips on how to shave in the shower without clogging the drain to help you do so:

1. Don’t shave with hot water running

This will cause facial hairs to float around your shower, eventually clogging up the drain. Instead, shave after you take a shower/bath, or turn off the flow of hot water when shaving. You can also use conditioner as a substitute for shaving cream.

2. Pour baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are highly effective at unclogging clogged drains. Just pour it down slowly, and let it sit in your drain for about an hour before rinsing with boiling water.

3. Avoid using soaps with deodorants

When you use deodorants and perfumes, the scents clog up your drain.

4. Use a mesh strainer

Mesh filters prevent hair and other shavings from going down the drain. This is a great way to prevent clogs in the future.

5. Clean your drain regularly

Once a week, clean out your shower drain with boiling water. You can also use a cleaning brush or a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove any grease/oil build-up that may be in there.

Things to Consider When Shaving in the Shower:

If you decide to shave in the shower, here are some things you can do to make sure clogging does not occur:

1. Turn off the water – When shaving, turn off or restrict the flow of hot water running through your faucet. This will significantly reduce any risk of clogging because you will not be forcing the water out of the showerhead.

2. Leave a layer of conditioner on your hair – This way, shaving cream is not required, and clogging will not occur. However, even if you use shaving cream, this method can still help reduce the risk of clogging.

3. Use a single-blade disposable razor – Using a single-blade disposable razor will reduce the number of hairs being cut, so there will be significantly less clogging. Although this method is not foolproof, it can reduce your chances of shaving in the shower and clogging your drain.

4. Don’t stand too close to the drain – When you’re in the shower, standing directly under the showerhead can be tempting.

However, this creates an intense pressure that could cause water and shaving cream (or conditioner) to move towards the drain too quickly and clog your drain. To avoid this scenario, try not to stand right below the showerhead. Instead, stand back a bit and keep your distance from the drain.

5. Clean your shower frequently – Whether or not you shave in the shower, cleaning your shower is a great way to prevent clogging and other issues that can come with poor maintenance.

If you choose to shave in the shower, be sure to clean it more frequently than if you decided not to shave there. This way, it’s easier for you to maintain a clean environment and ensure your drain doesn’t get clogged.

6. Avoid shaving with the shower on – When choosing how to shave your legs in a storm that may or may not be able to support shaving cream, decide not to turn on the water if possible. This will significantly reduce the pressure, and the water will likely move at a slow enough rate for you to shave without clogging your drain.


If you want to be able to quickly and easily shave in the shower, then it’s worth investing in a razor that can stand up on its own. You will also need to invest some time into prepping your skin for shaving so that water doesn’t get trapped underneath the blade while you are shaving.

As with any new technology process, moving from one product or technique is always an adjustment period.

But if you put in the work upfront by figuring out how best to hold your razor and using products like talcum powder or witch hazel as a lubricant, then this shaving method could become just what you needed!

We hope this blog post on how to shave in the shower without clogging the drain has been helpful. Let us know if there is anything you have in mind!

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