How to Soften Yarn After Crocheting

Crocheting will need your time and effort, and the result will be magnificent. But one thing a lot of people deal with is that after crocheting your favorite sweater, you will still not be able to wear it because it feels too stiff and rough on your skin. Before you can start feeling like you did something wrong by choosing the lousy yarn, let us tell you some ways how to soften yarn after crocheting.

It does not matter how good of a yarn you are using. While there are some terrible yarns in the closet, there is also the excellent yarn that will remain stiff after the work is done, you can do nothing about this matter. All you can do is perform something on it to make your item be softer, and we will teach you how to soften the yarn after crocheting.

How to Soften Yarn After Crocheting

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Method 1

The first method is going to be consist of washing. If you have a washing machine, you are going to be very much benefitted. This method is essential if you are using acrylic yarn.

The first thing you have to do is get the best fabric detergent you can get. You can use whatever is available around your house. The next thing you need is your favorite fabric softener. You do not want to skip on the softener.

Now, to do the machine wash, you would want to pile up your dirty clothes for a week because you need to wash the crochet with lots of clothes. So, get the clothes ready and wash your crochet with them. After the wash, let the crochet get dry with natural air. And everything will be soft afterward.

Method 2

The next method for how to soften yarn after crochet will involve steam ironing if you have a steam iron at your home, then great! You can quickly start the process.

One thing, you need to be careful with this method!

First, you will need a blocking mat because you do not want your crochet to come in direct contact with the iron steam as it can melt the yarn.

Lay your crochet on the mat and slowly start steaming through the mat. And you are done!

Method 3

The next method is dedicated to the wool yarn crocheting. There are different kinds of yarn for sure, but wool among them is entirely not like the others.

To wash the wool to be soft, you will need to use a hair conditioner and fiber wash.

First, wash your wool crochet with fiber wash. After cleaning, take some conditioner and rub it all over your hand.

Now, gently transfer the conditioner from your hand to the crochet and let it sit for one and a half hours. After that, carefully wash everything up. And you will be done.

Final Thought

There you go- all the ways of how to soften yarn after crocheting is there. Now, you will not have to worry about a rough sweater and wear them whenever you want.

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