How to Square a Quilt Top Before Adding Borders

Adding borders to a quilt can be tricky, but with the right tips, it’s easy! First, you need to square your quilt top before adding any borders. This just means making sure all the sides are even and the corners are squared. Once you’ve done that, attaching the borders is a breeze!

How to Square a Quilt Top Before Adding Borders

There are often some imperfections when you start working with your fabrics. That’s why it is crucial to ensure each unit is perfectly squared before the final blocks. Like you, I also faced the same struggles, but I figured out the perfect way. My problem is solved, so why not solve yours? Below you will get some simple steps of squiring your quilt. So, let’s dive in! Cut the fabric into a square. Trim the selvage from all four sides. Fold the fabric in half, corner to corner, and press it lightly. Repeat the step with the other end of the fabric. Once done, open up the creases.

How to Square a Quilt Top Before Adding Borders

Step 1 – First of all, you have to spread your cloth flat without any parkers. I have got my own quilt and going to start measuring it. You have to get an accurate measurement of the length of three particular places. I have started in the middle and then the edges accordingly. Write down the measurement.

 Step 2 – Once you got these measurements, you have to determine how long your border is going to be. If you find some difference in the measurements, make sure to cut the additional one. In my case, I have got both middles, and one of the sides had the same measurement. But the other side was a bit big. So, I cut the extra part. Now, put the 2 strips of fabric together. The right sides have to be facing each other. If you want to add a fusible interfacing, it’s time to do that. I would recommend using fusible interfacing for any quilting projects.

By the way, you have to also consider how long the cloth should be. In my case, I have eleven rows. So, the entire cloth should be 66 inches long.

Step 3 – Now that you have ensured the accurate measurement of your cloth, you have to now trim the borders so that it becomes square. And for that, you have to pin the edges with a grid surface. It will hold the cloth on the grid properly, and you will get the ease of usage. Once you have pinned the edges of the cloth, you can start trimming it. For this, you need to ensure that you are using the right scissors. It will help in getting a precise cut. Once you are done with cutting, you should remove the pins from the surface.

Step 4 – After that, take a ruler and figure out the far outside corner. If you notice some extra cloths from the corners, take a rotary cutter and trim the residual fabric cloths. The top of your quilt will be square now. Repeat the process for all of your blocks, and you will get all your square blocks.

How to Square a Quilt Top Before Adding Borders


Hopefully, you have understood the above factors. It’s quite easy; you have to just perform the process in an accurate way, nothing special.

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