How to Stack Firewood in a Circle

Lots of people have questions about how to stack firewood in a circle. If you want a nice, tidy pile that won’t fall over or take up too much space in your yard, you should follow the steps below. The first step is to lay down two rows of logs perpendicular to each other and create an x shape with them.

How to Stack Firewood in a Circle

Next, place another row on top of the X-shape, so it covers one layer from both sides. Then, put more layers on top until they are all connected by log ends poking out at different angles between them. Finish off by placing the last row across the tops of all these logs, which will make a circle around your stack. Read on to know more information!

10 Ways on How to Stack firewood in a Circle:

If you stack your firewood in a circle, it is easy to keep the inside of the pile dry so that it burns well.

1) Use Trees as Firewood:

To make a firewood pile in the shape of a circle, several trees fell and use as branches to lean around the outside perimeter. Stack smaller pieces of wood like kindling between the large units and inside this ‘branch cage.

2) Burn Your Firewood:

Stack your firewood tight together and make a chimney effect where the air flows up through the middle. This allows the inside of the pile to stay dry while it is burning, which will enable you to burn more wood!

3) Use Poles as Firewood:

Set long poles inside your circle of logs, leaning against them at about a 45° angle. Fill in the gaps between the poles with kindling and smaller pieces of wood that you have split into small parts.

4) Create an A-Frame:

Stack large logs across to create an A-frame shape, using a log a little smaller than the size of your arm span as a spacer halfway up. Stack smaller logs around the outside of your frame, with kindling and smaller pieces of wood in between.

5) Create A Pyramid:

Stack your firewood into a pyramid shape by stacking two logs at the bottom about one meter apart from each other. Then, stand the third log on its end to lean against these two base logs and stack smaller pieces of wood across the top.

Stack Your Firewood Into a Pyramid  Shape by Stacking Two Logs

6) Create A Cone:

Stack your firewood into a cone shape by laying two logs down side-by-side in parallel. Next, stack smaller pieces of wood in between these larger logs, leaning them in the opposite direction to create an upside-down pyramid shape.

7) Use Logs as Firewood:

Stack logs into a circle about half the width of your arm span and sits on top of two parallel logs to form your base. Then, stack progressively smaller pieces across the circle, leaning against each other for support and filling in any gaps with kindling and sticks split into small pieces.

8) Use Bricks as Firewood:

Build a square-shaped pile using bricks or pavers, with kindling and smaller pieces of wood split into small pieces in between. Stack larger pieces on top to create an upside-down pyramid shape.

9) Use Your Snow as Firewood:

If you live in an area where it snows, take advantage of that snow by building a flat-topped pyramid shape with the most significant pieces of wood on top. Then, as the snow melts over time, it will collect inside your pile where it won’t evaporate or be exposed to sun and wind – perfect for keeping your firewood dry.

10) Take Advantage of Gravity:

Lay two logs parallel to one another on the ground, about 60cm apart. Lay the third log across these two base logs and stack smaller pieces of wood next to these larger logs, leaning against each other for support. Once you have filled the gaps with kindling and smaller split pieces of wood, stack larger pieces on top to create an upside-down pyramid shape.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

  1. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t make a firewood stack in a perfect circle all the way around, but there are ways to do it nicely.
  2. If possible, use long logs instead of short ones. The shorter your pieces are, the more likely they are to fall out of the woodpile while it’s being built.
  3. Have at least two people for this project. Of course, it’s easier to have a third person help you, but it may be possible to do the stacking yourself if there are only two of you available.
  4. Look at your firewood logs beforehand and pick out the straightest pieces you can find.
  5. Once you have started stacking, you can’t stop until you get to the top, so choose your log order carefully.
  6. Never stack your logs in a square pattern; this could result in 90-degree angles that will prevent the wood from staying together when you try to move it later.

How Do You Stack Odd Shaped Firewood?

The easiest way to stack firewood is to make the wood into a cone or pyramid shape. By stacking with your sides perpendicular, all pieces will fit perfectly! A simple, efficient design with no wasted space and easy access for feeding fires. Even a beginner with a bit of practice can build one quickly. However, how to stack firewood in a circle will take a little longer if you are stacking by yourself.

Make the Wood Into a  Cone or Pyramid Shape

You will need to make sure your woodpile is strategically placed, usually next to the firewood hut. Be sure to stack the firewood in a circle so you can make full use of all your wood. If you stack on an incline, some pieces will be more exposed than others and tend to dry out faster. Also, water may pool between boards and encourage rot and insects.


When stacking firewood, always stack it in a circle. The circular shape provides the most efficient use of space and heat distribution. Firewood should be stacked no higher than knee height to avoid back strain from bending over too much when reaching up high for logs on top of the pile.

If you have more questions about how to stack firewood in a circle or want help with anything at all related to home heating solutions, we’re here for you 24/7! So give us a call today and let our experts take care of everything so that you can enjoy winter without worrying about any pesky woodshed chores!

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