How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door Frame


Pets are a great way to relieve stress and have fun. One of the most popular pets is a dog, who can be very loyal if treated well. However, there are some things about dogs that you should know before bringing one home with you. Dogs need lots of exercises, which means they need to go for walks outside or run around in an enclosed yard on days when it’s not safe for them to go out in public places like your neighborhood park.

They also need plenty of attention and love from their owners and other people or animals living in the house with them. Sometimes pet dogs are seen scratching door frames. Today I will discuss how to stop dog from scratching door frame.

How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door Frame

Step-wise Guide on How to Stop Dog From Scratching Door Frame

Steps 1 :

You need to know why your dog is scratching the door frame or what does he wants from you by doing this. Why is your dog scratching the door? Because he wants you to open it/let him out or because he needs some attention from you. If it’s the latter, try to stop him with a simple gesture of patting, praising, and distracting him with favorite treats.

Steps 2 :

If it’s the former case for scratch-induced opening, first nicely tell your dog ‘No’ when she starts scratching while trying to get someone’s attention in another way as well by using gentle gestures like waving of hand (be gentle no hitting), clapping hands, etc.

Never use metallic things such as keys, coins, coins brooms, etc… as they can hurt and injure your dog. Remember that dogs are not humans! They don’t understand what we want by saying ‘no’ or waving of hands. So make sure the gestures are nice to avoid any mistakes.

Steps 3 :

If nothing works and is quite impossible, you need to show him who simply’s boss. You can easily do this by following these points:

A) Use a water bottle (it is important to use water bottle/pump sprayer rather than burst-of-water sprayers) as it doesn’t use electricity but just pressurized water;

B) Show him who’s boss by pattering his nose with the spraying nozzle as soon as he starts scratching. You need to make sure you are not spraying directly on his face, but 2-3 inches below is good enough;

C) After 1 or 2 times of spraying his nose (depending on your dog’s tolerance), he will automatically stop scratching as the nozzle’s pressurized water sprays near his nose/face, and after a while, he will learn that if he does not scratch then no more spray occurs;

D) You can also place a water bottle with opaque tape and wrap it around like a normal one so that your dog cannot see a real sprayer and the fake sprayer. As soon as he starts scratching the door frame, he quickly removes the tape from the fake one and sprays on his nose just once. This will again teach him not to scratch the door frame;

When Dog Starts Scratching the Door
 Frame on That Time Water
 Sprays on His Nose Just Once.

E) You can also use other non-toxic deterrents like vinegar water or hot sauce to stop dogs from scratching the door.

Steps 4 :

Make sure you do not repeat this act more than 2 times in 24 hours so that he does not learn a lesson and becomes defensive about it. Every next time when you try to spray his nose, he will remember last time’s experience and may refuse to obey your order by sitting away from you, wagging tail, etc… Never worry if your dog is over-excited, as it happens with all puppies/dogs on their first-ever visit to a new local park where they are surrounded by hundreds of unknown dogs for the very first time. Just relax and observe the situation closely.

Steps 5 :

Now, if you have mastered this art to stop the dog from scratching the door frame, then it’s time to teach him what you want him to do instead of scratching by use of hand gestures like clapping hands, waving your hand, etc… This step is more important than the first one because if he doesn’t know what you want him to do in return for silence, at least about not scratching, then he will never learn anything.

So make sure you repeat this step daily till he starts doing whatever gesture or movement you are asking him to do via voice/hand gestures. Always remember that dogs don’t understand English! They understand a limited set of verbal instructions, so be careful while teaching them new things as they may not comprehend what you are saying.

Steps 1 :

Never use any force or violence to stop the dog from scratching the door frame! It’s a natural thing for dogs, and there is no one reason behind it, as many may think so. He is not doing this because he wants attention. He is not trying to annoy you; it’s just his breed’s nature that makes him do such things adue tomoving around and playing with other dogs throughout their life.

Ways of Establishing A Healthy Relation With Pet Dog

To get all this attention and make sure your new pup is happy at home, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your living area is dog-proof.
  • Take your pooch to training classes or hire a trainer to teach him basic commands and how to behave when guests come over. It would help if you also kept up with his training after the class ends until he learns everything you want him to know.
Hire a Trainer to Teach Him
 Basic Commands and How
 to Behave When Guests Come Over
  • Be sure that everyone in your family is consistent in their handling of the dog and how they give affection and discipline him while he’s learning new things. Establishing rules such as not bothering other animals, eating only from his bowl, sleeping outside the bedroom, etc., will help ensure that your pup understands what behavior is expected of him at all times.
  • Keep the dog out of certain rooms in your houses, such as your bedroom and those where food is kept, because they can cause harm to themselves or ruin things if left unattended.
  • Establish a schedule for feeding your dog so that he grows accustomed to eating at the same times each day. This will make him less likely to beg for food from family members at other times during the day when you don’t want him to.
  • Spay/neuter your dog. It will be easier on them in the long run. It will lead to fewer behavioral problems like excessive mating behavior and aggression towards other pets or people, reducing their risk of certain types of cancers. Also, if you do wait until later, neutering is much easier on older dogs who may have decreased immune systems and may be more likely to have complications from the surgery (particularly pit bulls).
  • Bring your dog out of doors as often as possible. He needs exercise, and the more he gets, the healthier he’ll be. Besides keeping him fit, it will tire him out so that he’ll sleep better at night and bark less during the day. It will also help prevent boredom, leading to many behavioral problems such as excessive chewing on furniture or digging in flower beds. If you can’t take him outside yourself, hire a professional pet walker who can give him some company while going about his business.
Dog Needs Exercise, and the More
 He Gets, the Healthier He’ll Be


I hope this article has provided you ample information on how to stop dog from scratching door frame. Thank you and have a nice day!

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