How to Stop Cats From Scratching Door Frames


Cats will scratch door frames and other furniture if they get the chance. This is not a problem for cats, but it can be an annoyance to their owners. There are many reasons cats scratch at objects, and these are often related to what they like or dislike in their environment. For example, scratching may help them remove old nail sheaths from their claws or mark territory with scent glands near the base of their paws. This article will explore how to stop cats from scratching door frames by understanding why cats do this behavior and then implementing changes to address any underlying causes.

How to Stop Cats From Scratching Door Frames

Reasons Behind Cats Scratching Door Frames:

  • Scratching – This is the most important thing to consider because it causes damages to your property. You must train your cat to scratch less and show them what they should scratch instead.
  • Exercising Their Paws – If you see a kitten playing, you’ll notice that they like to jump from tall heights and land hard on their feet before running away quickly. This may be normal, but as an adult cat, this could also mean something else, for example, pain in the paws. The best option would be to get a scratching post or wrestling toy so they can exercise there and not on your door frames!
  • Grooming – There are times when cats feel dirty or think that there are unwanted particles on their fur, so they scratch. Using a soft brush to help your cat release these things or trimming them once in a while will also solve this problem.
  • Feeling Threatened – Cats usually scratch when they feel threatened, which may mean – another animal coming into their territory, another animal that’s not yours hiding around the house. You’re about to leave the house, and there’s a stranger at the door. Do you see how complicated it can get? The best thing that you can do is make sure that everything is under control every time your cat feels like scratching something.
  • Attention-Getters – Sometimes (usually) cats think that if they scratch something, someone will come to inspect what happened ( could be the reason for attention-getters too). The easiest solution to this problem is just not giving them attention. But be careful. Don’t do it harshly. A simple no without any harsh words is enough.
  • Playing – Some cats also like to scratch because they feel adventurous or playful, and they like to try new things, so if you see your cat doing this, that means they are trying out something new. Of course, this might not apply in all cases, but it’s still worth noting down!
Feel Adventurous or Playful

Methods on How To Stop Cats From Scratching Door Frames

  • Provide Them A Scratching Post – This seems like a self-explanatory option, but this only works if you provide your cat with a scratching post that’s sturdy and comfortable at the same time. The scratching post should be made out of a material they enjoy, such as sisal rope, carpet, or anything else you can think of that appeals to them. You can purchase a perfectly sized scratching post from eBay and add some catnip to make it even more attractive. If your cats are familiar with the scratching post, then they won’t have any interest in your door frames because they’ll know that there’s no point in doing so.
  • Make Your Door Frames Unattractive – Find an old tube sock (without holes) and slide it over your door frame before closing it shut. This will stop cats from getting their claws through it, but this is only one solution for some people. A cheaper alternative to the tube sock is using aluminum foil to wrap around your door frames. However, this will make it too uncomfortable for cats to scratch, and they’ll be forced to leave them alone.
  • Use A Spray-On Repellent – Some cat owners find that a spray-on repellent works great because it coats the surface of your door frame, making it very unpleasant for even the most determined cats. You can either purchase one of these sprays from a pet store or create your own homemade solution with vinegar and water but make sure you don’t use this directly on your cat!
  • Install A Scratching Post By The Door – This is an ideal location for the cat to scratch because they’ll have something to do while you’re opening and closing the door. Keep in mind that cats need the challenge to be satisfied, so if your scratching post doesn’t provide them with something new every time, they won’t use it.
  • Make Them Feel Uncomfortable – Cats are very territorial animals which means that using a water spray bottle can make them feel uncomfortable and drive away from where you want them to go. Just remember that this only works if you use it correctly! It would help if you sprayed downwards using an impressive tone of voice (not yelling) with each attempt at getting your cat off the door frame.
Using a Water Spray Bottle

Ways to Deal with a Stressed Cat

  • Make Them Feel Safe – Any time your cat feels worried or nervous, he’ll attempt to find places around the house where they can hide and feel safe. If you notice that your cat is constantly hiding under furniture or behind curtains, this may be caused by stress. Watch them closely for any signs of negative emotions such as sleeping excessively, meowing wildly, or having sudden mood swings.
  • Play With Them More – You should try to spend a lot more time with your cat playing and talking positively about things so that they have less time to dwell on bad things in life. This will make them feel much better because by keeping their mind busy, they’ll forget about all the things that may stress them in life.
  • Feed Them Better – Sometimes, a cat’s weight can cause them to feel stressed out, and if they’re carrying around extra pounds, then this will emotionally burden them as well. So instead of serving your cat whatever food they want, give them something healthy such as tuna fish or lean meat instead of unhealthy junk food, which won’t help the situation at all.
  • Add Extra Scratching Posts Around The House – A great way to stop cats from scratching is to provide several places to scratch, not to focus all their energy on one particular spot. Make sure you pick locations around your house where your cats spend time so that it becomes an easy habit for them to develop!
Add Extra Scratching Posts
  • Banish Stressful Factors From Their Life – Your cat may be stressed from something specific in life, so try changing certain aspects of your household if you notice that this may be causing problems for them. This could include moving objects around, removing drapery and other things he sleeps under, or keeping noise levels lower during peak hours where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Cats Scratch Door Frames?

Cat scratching door frames is a natural behavior that cats do. Cats scratch for many reasons, including to mark their territory, stretch, and sharpen their claws. Some common reasons why cats scratch is:

• To help remove loose hair from the coat.

• To exercise muscles in the paws by flexing them backward and forwards repeatedly.

• For social interaction with other cats or humans when they feel anxious or threatened.

How Do You Keep Cats Off Door Frames?

It isn’t easy to keep cats off door frames. Cats will always try to find a way in or out, and that is why it is important to install cat dors on your house so they can come and go as they please. There are many ways of keeping cats off the door frame:

1. You can use several devices like strips, stickers, or even plastic netting that can be placed on top of the door frame.

2. You could also place an object like a broomstick at the bottom of the door frame so it cannot get up there without jumping too high or stepping on it, which would trigger a response from your cat.

Why Is My Cat Jumping on the Door Frame?

Your cat might have a medical condition if it’s constantly jumping on the door frame. Alternatively, the behavior could just be a sign that your cat is feeling stressed and scared.

If you have been in contact with other cats, then this behavior may be related to territoriality. Cats often jump on doors when they want to claim territory from another cat.

Why Do Cats Hate Closed Doors?

There are many theories about why cats hate closed doors. Some say that it is because they have no escape if trapped in a room; others believe that the sound of closing doors confuses them and makes them feel anxious.

This is probably because cats are prey animals. When they hear something like a door shutting, they start to panic because it could be their predator coming for them.

Cats also hate closed doors because they cannot see what is happening outside, and they would rather stay out in the open where they can watch everything going on around them. Cats are curious by nature, and they want to be able to see everything that is happening in their environment. The third reason why cats hate closed doors is because they feel trapped when they are behind a closed door.

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Cats Are Prey Animals


In conclusion, I hope you have obtained a clear idea of how to stop cats from scratching door frames and why they are so much into it. Thank you and have a nice day!

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