How to Stop Glass Shower Door From Leaking


A glass shower door is a partition made out of tempered glass instead of the traditional framed doors.  The glass used for these doors is specially treated to become more porous than conventional window panels so that when they come in contact with water droplets, they do not shatter. 

This kind of glass is mainly used for shower cubicles because it is unbreakable under high pressure and weight.  They can be mounted on their own or fitted into an existing shower enclosure.  A flush-mounted sliding door comes with hinges that allow the user to open the door by pushing it sideways inside the tub area,

whereas frameless hinged doors open like regular doors but slide along vertical tracks installed on either side the interior of the shower enclosure.  A glass shower door is an excellent design for a bathroom as it cleverly covers the entire cubicle and has a minimalist look. In this article, I will discuss how to stop glass shower door from leaking.

How to Stop Glass Shower Door From Leaking

Stepwise Guide on How to Stop Glass Shower Door From Leaking:

1.  Keep Your Tub Clean:

If your tub is dirty, it could be why water is leaking through your doors or walls. Keep your tub clean by removing hard water stains, soap scum, hair products, body oils, and any other contaminants that could block the pores of the glass surface. This will make it easier to contain water inside the shower area.

2.  Check Sealant Material:

If you have recently removed your glass shower enclosures to clean them thoroughly, there’s a big chance that you might have left some of the old shower door sealant material behind. Unfortunately,

removing this kind of material can be quite a hassle. More often than not, homeowners have no idea that the actual reason why their glass doors start leaking is simply that there’s still a piece of silicone on the frame.

3.  Check Damaged Caulk:

Another usual suspect for leaky glass shower enclosures or any bathroom installation is a lousy caulking job.  If some water has seeped through your shower doors, you can test whether it’s caused by defective caulking by applying some toothpaste on the corners where water leaks in. 

If bubbles appear after smearing toothpaste on the caulking material, then it’s time you call a pro to re-caulk your tub enclosure ASAP.

4.  Get the Right Shower Door Sweep:

If water leaks through your glass shower doors or walls, you should check if there’s a problem with the rubber strip known as “shower door sweep.”  Various types of seals can be used on glass enclosures, and each one has a different level of protection from water leakage.

Although rubber sweeps are good at containing liquid, they won’t last forever. By securing a new one, you can stop any leaks and extend the lifespan of your shower door frame sealant material.

5.  Fix Damaged Caulk:

If the toothpaste test wasn’t enough to convince you that there’s a problem with your caulking, then perhaps a visual inspection of the shower door installation will.  If the caulking material around your glass enclosure is cracked or detached from its place,

then this would mean that it doesn’t offer an effective barrier against water and molds.  It’s time to fix such a problem as soon as possible because further damage might happen on the frame if moisture seeps inside.

Precautions While Stopping Glass Shower Door From Leaking:

Precautions While Stopping Glass Shower Door From Leaking

While stopping the glass shower door from leaking, some precautions should be considered. They include:

1) Make sure you cover every hole and crack using caulk or grout. If water is not stopped from all possible sources, it will get in and cause more extensive damage later on.

2) It is recommended to use silicone sealant while sealing the big holes of doors or walls surrounding your shower. Use a primer before applying this type of sealant for more long-lasting results.

3) Use vinyl tape for more minor leaks found on joints instead of sealing them with caulk. This will provide enough protection against leakage if done correctly and efficiently. However, remember that it is necessary to replace such tapes after a certain period.

4) Make sure you use a sealant meant for shower doors or walls, as the regular ones are not strong enough to offer top-notch protection against water damage.

5) When your door offers a unique feature such as a window made from tempered glass, you should cover it with freezer paper before applying silicone sealant. Such elements need more attention and care while sealing them up because if they end up breaking – there will be no way out but replacement.

6) Check for signs of leakage after tiling your walls. You can use several drops of food coloring in the water to see where exactly the water is coming from. If you discover colored spots anywhere, tiles, or other parts surrounding your shower – this will be a severe problem, and you should better call a professional to fix it.

7) Avoid using grout as a filler for all possible holes on your walls, as it is not waterproof. It can wear off too soon and serve as a source of leakage later on. Use silicone sealant instead.

8) Make sure the new tiles are sealed with waterproofing paint before applying an adhesive layer over them. This will provide superior protection against water leaks.

9) If you have ceramic tiles, use mastic around the door frame without fail! Professionals use this type of sealant and provide excellent performance when combined with caulk or vinyl tape.

What Are The Features of a Good Quality Stop Glass Shower Door?

What Are The Features of a Good Quality Stop Glass Shower Door

1. A good-quality stop glass shower door comes with a lot of hardware. For example, a proper installation would include the following:

There should be at least two hinges to support the sliding doors, and if possible, there should also be a hinge at the bottom to prevent your door from tilting downwards and away from you when you open it up.

2. The track that holds your sliding glass doors should have rollers rather than wheels because wheels tend to wear out quickly and may eventually need replacement after several years of use. In addition, rollers offer noise-free operation and glide smoothly along your track without any rattling sounds.

3. Sliding shower doors usually come with an easy-to-use magnetic strip or a tension bar that keeps the two sliding doors tight together, preventing water from leaking out in between the glass panels.

4. The door handle should be ergonomically designed to ease use and comfort when opening or closing the shower door.

5. A good-quality stop shower door will come with at least one anti-water sprayer or a built-in squeegee that you can use to remove excess water after every shower.

6. The curtain rod should be sturdy enough to hold your curtain liners without any problems. Ideally, it should also have an adjustable height to quickly move it up or down according to your needs and preferences. For example, if you are tall, you might want your rod higher up, while someone shorter might want it to be lower.

7. Your sliding shower door should have a water-resistant seal for added security, especially if you are someone who forgets to keep the doors closed after taking a shower.

8. A good-quality glass shower door will come with sturdy screws and hinges that work perfectly together and can last for years without needing replacement or repairs. It would also come with screws that won’t easily break apart at the slightest pressure applied, thus guaranteeing its safety and durability.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information to stop the glass shower door from leaking. Ensure all the required precautions. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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