How to Stop Rabbits From Pooping in My Yard


Rabbits are known for their distinctive brown and white fur, but they’re also well-known for another reason: They like to poop all over the place. So if you have a garden or other area where rabbits frequent, it can be challenging to keep them from ruining your landscaping with their droppings. But there is a way to stop rabbits from pooping in your yard! This article will discuss all the possible ways “how to stop rabbits from pooping in my yard.” So let us get started.

How to Stop Rabbits From Pooping in My Yard

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Stop Rabbits From Pooping in My Yard:

Step 1:

To stop rabbits from defecating in your yard, you first need to locate their warren (i.e., where they live). If you visit the bunnies at dusk or dawn, they may hop away but still show you their entrance holes, making it easy to spot them.

Step 2:

Once you have located the warren, spread coyote, fox, or bobcat urine around at least a one-meter radius of the rabbit hole(s). The animals smell this and won’t want to hang out there because coyotes/foxes/bobcats are all carnivores who like to eat rabbits.

Step 3:

Another strategy is to find where the dung pile is and pour hot boiling water over it. The rabbits may move it if they think something is wrong with their toilet, but more often than not, they will abandon the warren and move somewhere else.

Step 4:

Planting onions or garlic around your yard is yet another strategy that can be used to keep rabbits away because these smell like poison to the animals. However, you need to be diligent about maintaining this barrier because rabbits will eat them when they start sprouting up since it smells so yummy to them!

Planting Onions or Garlic Around Yard

Step 5:

Getting a dog has worked for some folks as well, but our own experience was that the dogs would tend to chase us instead of chasing off bunnies, so we stopped doing this after a while.

Step 6:

Last piece of advice: if you scare off the rabbits from the warren, they will try to relocate, and it may be somewhere on your property (i.e., where you don’t want them). So make sure you cover all entry points if necessary.

How to Potty Train a Pet Rabit?

1. Toilet train a rabbit; you will need a litter box and hay to make it through this process. The first thing is first is to purchase a wire cage that has at least two levels. The reason for this is because rabbits tend to poop when they are scared or nervous.  The second thing you will need to do is get some potty grass found in any pet store. Once you have these items, add your new bunny home, and within a week or so, she should start going in her little pink box with the potty grass inside it.

Once she starts doing this, put her in a safe room where there isn’t anything scary going on, like the washer or dryer making noise. Keep her there for two to three hours and stay with her, so she gets scared. After about a month or so, you can try putting her in different rooms for more extended periods, but every time she poops outside of the litter box, you will need to give her extra carrots as a reward.  If this doesn’t work, there is something wrong with your pet. It may be an illness or even old age. If rabbits are kept in cages all day, they usually don’t go outside of their cage because they aren’t scared and feel safe in their territory.

2. Now that you have a rabbit who has been going in the right place for over four weeks move up to the next step is letting her explore your whole house. This is a crucial step because she may have accidents, but you should still be giving her carrots every time she goes in the right place.  So now that your bunny has been going in the litter box for over a month and doing good, it’s time to give her more space. Start letting her out of her cage, which will become her home again, so if you want to keep things cleaner, don’t let your rabbit roam free until she gets used to going in the litter box, or else it will turn into a mess fast.

When I first did this, my rabbit kept going on my family room rug and other carpets inside the house even though we had given him his hay-filled potty box; after he started marking everything, I added a second potty box to his cage after about a couple of months he finally started using it again.

Given Hay-filled Potty Box

3. Also another thing that may help is adding some papers over the whole area that your rabbit has been pooping on because if they are scared or nervous, then their poop will be closer to where their litter box used to be, this way, you can move these papers farther and farther away till she starts going in the right place again.

If you don’t want to do anything else but make sure everything is cleaned up well, then I would suggest getting an enzyme cleaner from somewhere like Amazon or Petco for every spot where your rabbit has gone before cleaning them with water and soap and letting them dry ultimately placing the enzyme cleaner down.

4. Sometimes, your rabbit may also poop in the wrong place because she is sick and needs to go to the vet as soon as possible; they might have a bladder infection or even be pregnant. Unfortunately, rabbits don’t tell us when something is wrong with them, so you need to make sure that the isn’t anything else going on by taking them to see your local vet.

5. Sometimes, rabbits will also be scared. They are prey animals, and when they get afraid, their instinct is to run away or hide then poop this is because when predators (like dogs) chase them, they try to get out of harm’s way by using the only exit, which is usually under something like a porch or shed you’ll find poop there if your rabbit has been chased before.


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